Dinkville 2nd Anniversary Pickleball Tournament Recap

Dinkville 2nd Anniversary Pickleball Tournament Recap

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Dear Dinkville Community,

I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you for making the Dinkville 2nd Anniversary Pickleball Tournament such a resounding success! This weekend was filled with amazing players, fierce competition, and the unmistakable spirit of camaraderie that defines our wonderful community.

Even when the rain tried to dampen our spirits, over 20 dedicated members armed with squeegees, blowers, mops, and brooms sprang into action. Thanks to your tireless efforts, the courts were only out of commission for an hour, proving once again that nothing can stop the Dinkville community!

We managed to get all the games in, despite having to get creative with the late brackets before the lights went off. The last game concluded at 10:58, just two minutes before the lights went out. I truly appreciate everyone's flexibility and understanding in what was not an ideal situation.

Thank you all for your participation, enthusiasm, and sportsmanship. I am already looking forward to our next Dinkville tournament on September 28th and 29th (Vols Bye Week). More details will be coming soon, so stay tuned!

Dinkville Anniversary Tournament Medalists

Men's Doubles 3.0-3.5

Gold- Joey Kinsler and Steve Flatt

Silver- Everett Lee Scott Jr and Travis Zaborowski

Bronze- Sunny Chennupati and Daniel Patterson

Men's Doubles 3.5-4.0

Gold- Logan Yoon and Tyler Lindahl

Silver- Patrick O'Brien and Luke Jacobsen

Bronze- Hailey Kirk and John Vikre

Men's Doubles 4.0+

Gold- Alex Balingit and Joseph Echeverria

Silver- Liam Doyle and Reder Babiry

Bronze- Ryan Potocnik and Robert Sutton

Women's Doubles 3.0-3.5

Gold- Grace Baird and Brooke Koblitz

Silver- Teri Schott and Jane Rezos

Bronze- Beth Herbers and Kelly McDonnell

Women's Doubles 3.5-4.0

Gold- Jen Cahill and Tammy Richards

Silver- Elrita Blanckenberg and Lisa Fowler

Bronze- Eucaris Carlino and Rusti Quarles

Mixed Doubles Beginners

Gold- Matt Brown and Faye Okert

Silver- Cassandra Corish and Mike Rodi

Bronze- Lindanis Torrealba and Victor Camacho

Mixed Doubles 3.0-3.5

Gold- Brooke Koblitz and Derek Batt

Silver- Stacie Funk and Brandon Funk

Bronze- Kendall Kelly and Carson Jones

Mixed Doubles 3.5-4.0

Gold- Natalie Marrison and Rocco Marrandino

Silver- Jen Cahill and Jeremy Weigel

Bronze- Marcella Cash and Corey Lavinder

Mixed Doubles 4.0+

Gold- Tyler Richmond and Sarah Bowers

Silver- Seth Stricker and Meagan Dolleris

Bronze- Kalen Canaday and Tess Kilwein

Women's Singles Beginner-Intermediate

Gold- Tess Kilwein

Silver- Madyson Bergeon

Bronze- Theresa Long

Men's Singles 3.0-3.5

Gold- Kalen Canaday

Silver- Logan Yoon

Bronze- Fernando Cota

Men's Singles 3.5-4.0

Gold- Nathan Traczewski

Silver- Dale Jones

Bronze- Corey Lavinder

Men's Singles 4.0+

Gold- Landon Hallam

Silver- Lyon Chadwick

Bronze- Chase Etheredge

Thank you again for a wonderful tournament and look forward to seeing everyone at the next tournament!

Thank you,

Landon Hallam

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