Dinkville News: What the Dinkville? National/Local News; Weekly Open Play; Today in Pickleball

Dinkville News: What the Dinkville? National/Local News; Weekly Open Play; Today in Pickleball
Saturday 8/13 Group after Ladder Play at Cedar Hill Park

What the Dinkville?

Saturday August 13th will be a day to remember for Dinkville!  We had all 6 courts packed for Ladder Play at Cedar Hill Park and made waves throughout the whole city.

Toney Cook, who works for News Channel 5 in Nashville, was doing his normal Saturday morning walk when he heard all the fun and dinking going on at the tennis courts.

Toney stopped by and saw all the fun and organization of Dinkville and asked our Pro Michael Smits "can I grab my camera and film this?"

Little did we know his video would end up on the local news, Click here to read,  and end up in "The Dink" national Newsletter, Click here to read, Scroll to the bottom to see Dinkville in the "Headlines & Quick Hits."

Dinkville now has 3x the members since Saturday and looks forward continue to grow and organize matches weekly.  Sign up at Dinkville.com to become a member!

Weekly Open Play

Monday, August 15th we had 25+ pickleballerz show up to fill 7 courts at Memorial Park in Hendersonville.

Memorial Park Hendersonville, TN

Gallatin had 12 people show up on Tuesday August 16th to fill up 3 courts

Municipal Park Gallatin, TN

Wednesday August 17th we had all 8 courts full with 32 people at Memorial Park in Hendersonville!

Memorial Park Hendersonville, TN

Get to know Dinkville Member Tim Smith

Who are you- Tim Smith and I live in Hendersonville, TN

How long have you been playing Pickleball? August 2021

Why do you love Pickleball? Community Community Community!  Its brings people together.  It uniquely is a sport you can enjoy playing with people at all levels.  If you have a competitive bent, you can find tournaments literally all over the world.

What is your favorite shot?  Forehand in to out cross court spinning the ball left to pull my opponent wide to set up a winner down the middle.

What is your goals this year in Pickleball? to win gold in 4.0 mixed, mens doubles, and singles in multiple tournaments

What is your advice to new players? Serve'em deep, return'em deep, and lear'ta dink!

Today in Pickleball

  • Last week there were two major pro events that were going on, The Skecher Invitational Summer Championships in Pacific Paalisades, CA and the APP New Jersey Open.
  • The Skecher Invitational was a electrifying tournament, with the main event happening on Saturday, August 13th, right on CBS so every home in America could have pickleball brought into their living room. The weekend winners were as follows for the Skecher Invitational:
  • Mixed Doubles: Matt Wright and Lucy Kovalova defeated Riley Newman and Catherine Parenteau
  • Men's Doubles: Been Johns and Collin Johns defeated Riley Newman and Matt Wright
  • Women's Doubles: Leigh Waters and Anna Leigh Waters defeated Lucy Kovalova and Callie Smits
  • Men's Singles: Ben Johns defeated Tyson McGuffin
  • Women's Singles: Anna Leigh Waters defeated Catherine Parenteau
  • Meanwhile at the APP New Jersey Open there was some tough faught games on the court as well. Congratulations to Jw Johnson for getting his 4th Triple crown taking wins home in Mixed Doubles, Men's Doubles and Men's Singles!!
  • The outcome of the APP tournament was as follows:
  • Mixed Doubles: Simone Jardim and Jw Johnson defeated Anna Bright and Dylan Frazier
  • Men's Doubles: JW Johnson and Dekel Bar defeated Dylan Frazier and Kyle Yates
  • Women's Doubles: Lauren Stratman and Vivienne David defeated Anna Bright and Jorja Johnson
  • Men's Singles: Jw Johnson defeated Federico Staksrud
  • Women's Singles: Salome Devidze defeated Jorja Johnson

Up Coming News/Events

Going on right now is the John A. Gullo Tournament of Champions 2022. The event started on Wednesday, August 17th and will run through Saturday, August 20th. Check out the live coverage on YouTube or Facebook!



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