Dinkville Rachel's Garden Charity Tournament Results

Dinkville Rachel's Garden Charity Tournament Results

Rachel's Garden Charity Pickleball Tournament was a blast as we had 100+ teams compete with 300+ total people out for this weekend at Peay Park in Goodlettsville, TN.  Thank you to everyone who played and made this event special.  Thank you to our Dinkville Volunteers Chris Taylor, Scott Welch, Nick Albert, and Logan Goodwin for making this event run smoothly!

Check out some pictures from this weekend's Tournament

Rachel's Garden Tournament Results

Men's Doubles 2.0-2.75 Medalists

Gold- Mark Myers and Christian Mansfield

Silver- Jermey Griswold and Tanner Griswold

Bronze- Lincoln Poteet and Joseph Honeycutt

Men's Doubles 2.76-3.50 Medalists

Gold- Troy West and Chad Bisher

Silver- Brandon Farmer and Charles Farmer

Bronze- Bill Benz and Lucas Benz

Men's Doubles 3.51-3.99 Medalists

Gold- Logan Goodwin and Sam Spalding

Silver- Braden Funk and Brandon Funk

Bronze- Chuck Gordy and Dan Jacobson

Men's Doubles 4.0+ Medalists

Gold- Rob Franzese and John Jackson

Silver- Seth Stricker and Michael Shelton

Bronze- Landon Hallam and Jay Banet

Women's Doubles 2.0-2.75 Medalists

Gold- Barbara Mercer and Pamela Cork

Silver- Ruth Cleary and Tram Parham

Bronze- Joni Charles and Angie Cook

Women's Doubles 2.76-3.50 Medalists

Gold- Natalie Marrison and Lisa Fowler

Silver- Karen Boles and Tamera Cronk

Bronze- Carol Wald and Gwyn Welch

Women's Doubles 3.51-3.99 Medalists

Gold- Tonya Brinkley and Shauntel Jennings

Silver- Tammy Richards and Jen Cahill

Bronze- Sonia Chavez and Sandra Huddleston

Men's Singles 3.50-3.99 Medalists

Gold- Logan Goodwin

Silver- Rich Muth

Bronze- Kalen Canaday

Men's Singles 4.0+ Medalists

Gold- Chuck Gordy

Silver- Cody Boehnlein

Bronze- Adam Reese

Women's 3.0 Singles Medalists

Gold- Sara Whittemore

Silver- Pon Phanbandith

Bronze- Peggy Smith

Seniors Mixed Doubles 2.76-3.50 Medalists

Gold- Tim Eidson and Stephanie Eidson

Silver- Shannon Tays and Clay Smith

Bronze- Natalie Marrison and Miles Shackleford

Mixed Doubles 2.76-3.50 Medalists

Gold- Douglas Kaplan and Karen Boles

Silver- Kirk Golliher and Jennifer Barrett

Bronze- Chad Richards and Tammy Richards

Mixed Doubles 3.51-3.99 Medalists

Gold- Tyler Richmond and Lindsey Richmond

Silver- Robert Bragdon and Constanza Barnier

Bronze- Ryan Hamilton and Kristen Fox

Mixed Doubles 4.0+ Medalists

Gold- Seth Stricker and Wendy Westrick

Silver- David Moody and Emily Mullendore

Bronze- Ben Pranger and Kate Carter

Thank you again to everyone who played and look forward to having another event soon!  Until then, keep dinking and enjoying the #1 Pickleball Community in the Nation!

Thank you,

Landon Hallam

Dinkville President

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