In Loving Memory Of Dinkville Member Thanh Vo

In Loving Memory Of Dinkville Member Thanh Vo
Picture of the week: Dinkville Member Thanh Vo Enjoying Pickleball

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Thanh Vo Passed Away Doing What He Loved

Thanh Vo was a Nashville local who loved playing Pickleball with his Dinkville community.  A God given athlete his whole life who quickly became a top Pickleball player in his local community in Antioch, TN.  Thanh tragically passed away while playing Pickleball in the Austin Open in Texas on Thursday March 16th 2023.  He is survived by his Wife Emily and his 2 children.  If you would like to support the Vo family through this difficult time, please click here to donate.  For Thanh Vo obituary and service information, click here.  God Bless you Thanh and The Dinkville Community will be praying for Emily and the children.

Up Your Game Brought To You By The Dink:

Reading Your Opponent's Tells

Poker players are elite at reading their opponent's body language. They rely on subtle 'tells' to glean more information on what their competition is working with. At least that's what the movies tell us.

In pickleball, you could be giving away more than you think. Of course, the most obvious example is that a big wind up = speedup is on the way. But try this one on for size.

On the PicklePod, DJ Young shares about reading his opponent's grip to know what's coming next. Now that's next level.

Amidst a dink battle at the kitchen line, Young spots a tell on the other side of the court. His opponent, Jay Devilliers, switches from a one-handed backhand to two hands on the paddle.

For Young, that means a speedup is coming his way. Young squats down, raises his paddle, and executes a perfect scorpion.

He reads Devilliers' intentions and ends the point with authority.

Next time you're on the court, look for a tell or a routine from your opponent. Everybody has one, it's on you to spot it.

Today In Pickleball Brought To You By The Dink:

The Second Installment of Major League Pickleball

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, children of all ages. It's MLP week! Major League Pickleball has landed on the sandy shores of Daytona Beach. Step aside Dayonta 500, make way Bike Week, it's time to trade the revving engines for the pleasant patter of pickle's most popping event.

The big headline for Daytona: Riley Newman is back. The sixth overall draft pick is reunited with his Hard Eights teammates after he missed MLP Mesa. Riley and the Eights have been placed in Group B, the group of death for MLP Daytona.

They join two teams that reached the knockout stage in Mesa, the New York Hustlers and the New Jersey 5's. Vivienne David and the Las Vegas Night Owls round out the most dangerous group in Daytona.

After an undefeated championship run at MLP Mesa, it will be the LA Mad Drops with a target on their back. They find themselves in Group C with Florida Smash who will be out for blood after losing two matches to the Drops in Mesa.

Rules Changes

Just in time for Daytona: a new slate of rules updates was just dropped by MLP. To see the full list, check out our blog.

But here is the condensed version:

  • Group play matches will include all four games regardless of outcome. If a match is 3-0, the final game will still be played
  • Blue and Orange cards can be issued by refs for technical warnings and fouls, respectively
  • Officials can go straight to Orange cards if the offense is deemed "egregious" -- but they've been counseled to allow "fist pumping intensity, chest pounding, finger wagging, stare downs and good hearted banter amongst players"
  • Players and teams may no longer challenge "their own line calls," refs are not to be involved in line calls, and a video replay challenge system will allow players 2 Free Challenges per game

MLP action starts with Challenger Level group play tomorrow at 8am ET on the MLP YouTube.

When Pickleball Madness Goes Too Far

Everyone knows when the pickleball bug takes over, all other responsibilities tend to fade away.

For University of Arizona men's basketball coach Tommy Loyd, this obsession might have gone a little too far. On March 15, this feature debuted. It detailed Lloyd's (and the rest of the nation's) new favorite pastime: pickleball.

On March 16, Lloyd's number 2 ranked Wildcats lost to the 15-seed Princeton in the first round of the NCAA March Madness tournament. Is it a coincidence that Lloyd gets hooked on pickleball and his team loses in one of the biggest upsets of the year? I mean yes, of course.

But maybe a little less time on the pickleball court and a little more time scouting the Tigers would have averted disaster for Coach Lloyd. At the end of the day, there can only be one winner in the 68-team tournament. The early exit for Lloyd just means he can get a head start on off-season pickle. Enjoy, coach!

USA Pickleball Adds Age Divisions

Are you a 30-40 year old tired of trying to keep up with all those Gen Z whipper-snappers on the court? They never get tired. Well, we've got good news for you.

Starting immediately, all USA Pickleball sanctioned tournaments can now divide age brackets into 19+, 30+, 40+ and 50+ divisions. This is a change from the previous dispersion that included the 19+, 35+ and 50+ divisions.

"We are excited to see the game continue to grow amongst our young adults and look forward to what the future holds," said Karen Parrish, Director of Sanctioning. "Offering the 30+ and 40+ divisions is just the beginning."

No need to frown when you finally go "over the hill." It's another chance to get back on top of the podium.

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