Heroes On The Court - First Responders Pickleball Tournament October 6th

Heroes On The Court - First Responders Pickleball Tournament October 6th

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Fall DUPR Flex League- 9/11-10/15 - Play Anywhere. Anytime. Have Fun.

Dinkville Fall Leagues are starting September 11th to October 15th for Nashville, Hendersonville-Gallatin, and Franklin-Brentwood.  Play Any Where and Any Time that works for you and your opponents.  Leagues are for all skill levels as we will pair you up with other members that are similar.  $20 per player so sign up today here!

First Responders Pickleball Tournament

Fire Fighters, Police Officers, and EMS personnel set to battle each other on the Pickleball Courts in a First Responders Pickleball Tournament "Hero's On The Court" at Peay Park on Friday Night October 6th starting at 6pm.  Come on our to support your local hero's and enjoy other festivities around the courts like Touch-A-Truck (Fire Truck, Police Car, Ambulance, Etc.).  If you are a first responder and would like to play, sign up here.

Dinkville Charity Tournament October 7th-8th.  

Rachel's Garden Charity Pickleball Tournament is scheduled for October 7th-8th at Peay Park in Goodlettsville, TN.  This is Peay Park's first Pickleball Tournament and is welcome to all skill levels from Beginners-Advanced.  Find yourself a partner and sign up today here.  More Information about Rachel's Garden Foundation click here.

Get to Know Dinkville Member Pam Pearson

Pam and Stacy Pearson 

Who Are You?  I am Pam Pearson, I am a sales rep for Jostens. I love to play Tennis and now Pickleball.  I am married to Stacy Pearson, who also plays pickleball.  We were blessed to have 3 Children and 1 son in law.

When did you start playing?  About 6 weeks ago

How did you get started with Dinkville?  I play Tennis and my husband and I wanted to do something together so we chose pickleball.

Why do you love Pickleball?  I love the exercise, the pickleball community, and my husband and I can do it together.  I also love that it has levels so you can play but continue to improve and play up.

What is your favorite shot?  Cross Court Dink

What are your goals this year? To move up a level and play more.

Advice for new players?  Don’t get frustrated.  It will all come together.

Up Your Game

Hitting the Short Corner

Everybody loves ripping a powerful serve at their opponents. It's your chance to start the point and dictate the pace.

For the majority of serves, I agree that it is smart to send them deep into the court, pushing your opponent as far off the baseline as possible. But let's not neglect the rest of the service box.

Add another arrow to your quiver by practicing a short serve that bounces in the front third of the service box and stays low.

My favorite version of this is a serve targeting the sideline-corner of the service box. I like to use this on the ad (left) side of the court, which results in a low backhand return from my opponent.

The benefits of a tactical, short serve:

  • A well-placed short serve can catch your opponent off-guard, especially if they are standing a couple of feet behind the baseline.
  • It can also pull your opponent off to the side of the court, creating space down the middle for your 3rd shot.
  • This serve can even neutralize a banger that returns the ball with powerful groundstrokes.
  • It is more difficult to rip a big, topspin forehand on a serve that stays low vs a deep serve with a high bounce.

See if you can set this one up for yourself. After a few deep serves with pace, mix in this touch shot. It just might earn you a freebie.

Today In Pickleball

Don’t let anyone tell you that pickleball isn’t a good workout.

Below are screenshots from Adam of his recent activity logs from his smartwatch. On the left, crossfit-style training circuits. On the right, pickleball:

…Ok, a little context to be fair:

  • Pickleball was played outside in hot temps, whereas the cross training was completed indoors with A/C
  • I don’t think the cross training report is as accurate as the pickleball one, because I definitely left those exercises properly tired and sweaty
  • Calories burned is not a the only way to measure a good workout
  • I played pickleball a bit longer than the cross training

Still, the results speak for themselves. Adam definitely achieved a sufficient workout playing pickleball. Maybe our sport has surpassed crossfit in terms of how many people brag about it.

Pickle Takes the Stage

Leave it to one of the foremost regions for theater in the USA to put pickle on stage.

The Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater on the outer edge of Cape Cod, Massachusetts is running The Pickleball Wars through September 9th.

The play, written by local Kevin Rice, satires both the pickleball noise issue AND the people who complain about it — a refreshingly balanced take.

It follows Fred and Sue, recent retirees, and their noisy pickleball-obsessed neighbors who will stop at nothing to annoy Fred and militarize local players.

According to the Provincetown Independent, it’s also a satire of espionage and Boomer lifestyles – written by a boomer, fittingly.

This is the second time pickleball has hit the theatre. Jeff Daniels’ play "Pickleball" took the stage last year (viewer discretion advised on the trailer for that one).

Windy City Preview

With the Tour Wars tension at an all-time high, the APP Tour will likely see an influx of seasoned pros invading the brackets.

At this rate, we are not far from seeing a world where Riley Newman, Tyson McGuffin, and Anna Bright take over the APP Tour.

As for this weekend, the incumbents feel like a safe pick. Look for Andrei Daescu and Yates Johnson to have another big weekend.

Singles standout Jaume Martinez Vich enters the APP field and is also a favorite to find the podium.

The Parris Todd / Simone Jardim connection has been lights out in 2023. They will look to make it nine titles on the year in Chicago.

The red carpet treatment for APP pros continued last night. This time it was Yates Johnson representing the tour on Wrigley Field before the Cubs game.

The stream for this event begins Saturday at 1 pm ET on ESPN+.

Join the Dink for a Mixed Doubles Showdown at Nolensville High School on September 17

  • Mixed Doubles combined DUPR/Rating 8.0
  • Round Robin followed by single elimination
  • $750 Cash Prize, Custom Paddle Trophy

One very cool aspect is that we will be streaming the finals on The Dink YouTube channel with over 25,000 subscribers.  Sign up here

PPA Kansas City Open Results

APP Philadelphia Open Results

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