Indoor Pickleball Courts Coming To Sounds Stadium

Indoor Pickleball Courts Coming To Sounds Stadium
Horizon Park, home of the Nashville Sounds, Announce Winter Pickleball 

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First Responders and Rachel's Garden Charity Tournament- Sign Up Today

Peay Park in Goodlettsville is hosting "Heroes On The Court" a First Responder Tournament on Friday Night October 6th.  This will be a fun night to honor our local heroes and support them as they battle for the top spot in Pickleball.  We will also have a Dinkville Charity Tournament that October 7-8 benefitting Rachel's Garden Playground.    There are 60+ total teams signed up currently so sign up to play today here.  More Information about Rachel's Garden Foundation click here.

Upcoming Events in Middle Tennessee

Check out these events coming up in Nashville Area for September and October.  If your in town and wanting to play, sign on up!

Play Like Ambria- C2 Tournament- Sign up here

Dinkville MLP Style Team Tournament- Sign up here

Call On The Fighter Charity Tournament- Sign up here

Music City PicklePaw Classic- Sign up here

Pickleball Night At Nashville Sounds Game

Nashville Sounds had its second Pickleball Night of the season at Horizon Stadium which Dinkville supported with volunteer instructors and a court for fans to enjoy.  Families and Kids learned the rules and technique and had fun hitting the ball around with each other on a beautiful Saturday night in Tennessee.  Thank you to Carlie Jamison and Sierra Siegal with the Nashville Sounds for inviting us out and Volunteer Instructors Nick Albert and Brannon Penrod.

Check out Reba's backhand that takes down Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton in Pickleball at the Nashville Sounds Game.

Indoor Pickleroll Courts Coming To Horizon Park This Winter

Horizon Park, home of the Nashville Sounds Minor League Baseball Team, is jumping on the Pickleball Train by installing indoor Pickleroll courts this winter from November-March.  Dinkville is partnering with Horizon Park and will be renting out the courts to the public all winter season.  More details will be coming soon so you can start securing your courts for you and your friends!  Make sure you are signed up for Dinkville and in the Community Discord by clicking here

Nashville Local Kaitlin Miller Competing In A Pickleball TV Show

Kaitlin Miller has been selected to participate in the first pickleball reality tv show Pickleball Paddle Battle based out of Arizona!  Make sure to follow along and vote for Kaitlin as she tries to bring home the championship to Nashville here.

Get To Know Dinkville Member Luann Lavin

Who Are You? My name is Luann Lavin and I'm a Nurse Practitioner

When did you start playing? 1 year ago

How did you hear about Dinkville? Friend told me about it and got me to join

Why do you love Pickleball?  Friendship, Fun and great exercise

What's your favorite shot?  Overhead slam

What's your goals this year?  To play in a tournament and have great time

What's your advice for new players?  Enjoy the journey; meet new friends; enjoy the journey

Selkirk Presents: The Unwritten Rules of Pickleball

All sports have a certain basic courtesy or decorum expected by its players which are not explicitly stated in the official rulebook. In the NBA, one unique unwritten rule is not wearing the signature shoe of an opponent. While not required, golfers should remove their ball out of the hole before someone else putts and in baseball, players should not throw the bat at the catcher or umpire on your backswing. The sport of pickleball is not immune to its own set of unwritten rules widely accepted as etiquette.

While pickleball is not (yet) considered to be America’s favorite pastime, pickleball is going through a huge growth phase and is the nation’s fastest growing sport. But pickleball was invented in Seattle, Washington in 1965 and there are over five decades of unwritten rules you should keep in mind.

Here are 10 of Pickleball’s unwritten rules Sponsored By Selkirk

1. Introduce yourself.

It's important to introduce yourself before the match. Pickleball is a social sport so before leading off with the 0-0-2 count, begin each match by introducing yourself to your partner and opponents and learn their names. If there are  new players at your local tennis center, club, or park, go the extra mile and make them feel welcomed by introducing them to others.

2. Make an effort to learn and understand the rules of pickleball.

This will help avoid disagreements on the court and ensure all players are abiding by the same set of rules. Of course, no one is an expert right off the bat, so if you are still learning, don’t be afraid to politely ask questions!

3. Respect as a spectator.

If you are a spectator commenting on a match, please do not make hostile, disruptive, or disrespectful comments. It’s also not a good idea to call in or out balls as a spectator. Unless you are directly asked, it’s best to let the players make the out calls.

4. Apologize when needed.

Sorry, not sorry! This one may be up for debate. Oftentimes in pickleball the ball will strike the net and dribble over making it impossible for your opponents to return the shot.  When this happens, the casual “sorry” or non-verbal hand up is always welcomed. Similarly, when a hard shot or put away makes contact with a person’s body rather than paddle, the striking player should always apologize. Everyone knows (or should know) you are not trying to hurt your opponent, but a polite apology is proper etiquette nonetheless. If the “sorry” is not genuine or made sarcastically, then best to not say anything at all.

5. Mind Ongoing Matches.

Be mindful of other matches in progress when navigating pickleball courts, particularly when entering and exiting the baseline area or the sideline area. This rule seems obvious but…you know.

6. Be honest about line calls.

If the ball lands out of play on your side of the court, then call it out.  But if  you are not 100% sure it was out, you should give the benefit of the doubt to your opponent (easier said than done in those close matches). It’s also ok in rec play to replay the point if everyone agrees to it, just don’t expect any do overs in tournament play. If you or your partner foot faults in the kitchen, call it.

7. Announce the Score Clearly

When calling out the score prior to serving, project your voice loud enough where every player can hear you. The last thing you want is a dispute about scoring during a close match.

8. Prioritize Safety - Call Out "Ball On!"

Watch your step. Keep your safety and other players’ safety in mind. Be aware of any stray pickleballs slowly rolling into the court of play and potentially causing injury. A quick “Ball on Court” call or a non-verbal hand up will notify players to stop play. Ensure that the ball is near the court when you call "Ball On!", and don't chase a ball that rolls onto someone's court.

9. Paddle Tap After Each Match.

Conclude every game by meeting at the net. Do not walk off the court until you acknowledge and exchange a “good game” or “way to play” with the other team. Consistently blowing off opponents and not meeting at the net is rude and disrespectful. Other positive exchanges include the paddle "bump" or "tap", but do not smack the paddle as it could potentially damage both paddles.

10. Share the Court.

Lastly, do not hog the courts. Make sure all players get to play and cycle through different combinations of matches. If you are on a hot streak and there are several players waiting to play, it is ok to take a match off. Be sure to abide by any rules about court usage if there are any.

Bonus Tip: If you are an advanced player, consider occasionally playing with weaker players and/or showing a weaker player specific skills or shots to work on. There is no problem with politely declining an invitation to play with lower level players, but you should make an effort to dedicate some of your time to letting lower level players experience a higher level of play. And remember, advice should only be given when solicited. Some players may not want to hear about how to improve their backhand or why they should never drive on a third shot.

Overall, be respectful of your local courts and have good sportsmanship!

Today In Pickleball

The Merger

It’s done (for now). The PPA Tour and Major League Pickleball have sheathed their swords. They’ve holstered their squirt guns. They’ve come together.

The Gist: Agreement to merge under a unified and definitive professional pickleball holding company. The deal is backed by a $50M investment from SC Holdings, DC Pickleball Team owner Al Tylis, PPA Tour owner Tom Dundon, and a roster of existing MLP team owners.

If you want to read the full press release, here it is. But for those who want the inside scoop and answers to the real questions, read on:

Ok, rapid fire facts that you won’t find elsewhere:

  • MLP Atlanta is a go

  • Player contracts will be honored (or renegotiated)

  • Certain players feel slighted. The Tour Wars created inflated contract values, meaning some high ranking players will make 3X those that struggle to find podiums

  • Al Tylis and Jason Stein, which some describe as Lebron’s money guy, injected $50m into the organization and were awarded a significant stake

  • The joint organization will be governed by a board of directors comprised of previous decision makers from both sides

  • Certain key figures will assume *new roles

There is way more that will emerge as the dust settles. And we’ll be publishing more (blogs, newsletter segments and podcasts) over the next few days as details come to light.

For now, let’s all take a breather. It’s been a wild few weeks. But as we’ve said in the past, you never know what’s going to happen in pro pickleball. Even now.


APP’s New Event

While PPA and MLP continue their weekly news bombing, the APP Tour is digging out from the trenches and showing off some artillery of their own: they’re targeting college players.

The inaugural APP U.S. Collegiate Championships and Midwest Open will be held January 3-7 at Grand Park Sports Campus in Westfield, Indiana.

Here are the key details:

  • The event will be nationally televised

  • Top college pickleball teams from across the nation will go head-to-head

  • There will be $50,000 in prize money on the line

  • First team-style competition at an APP event with rally scoring

APP says each team will comprise a minimum of four players (two women and two men) and a maximum of six players (three women and three men).

The APP Midwest Open will be played alongside the college event for players of all ages and skill levels.

Registration for the tournament opens September 14. College teams wishing to enter the tournament are asked to register their intention to field a team via More details here.


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