Largest Pickleball Event In Nashville EVER!

Largest Pickleball Event In Nashville EVER!
Picture of the Week: Pro-Celebrity Group Picture from Tuesday Night Wishful Dinking Pro-Celeb Charity Pickleball Event Benefitting Make-A-Wish Middle Tennessee.

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Over 40+ Dinkville Members Played With The Pros In An Exclusive Pro Social

Pickleball Professionals Lee Whitwell, Bobbi Oshiro, Tyra Black, Rob Nunnery, Andre Mick, Joey Farias, and Greg Dow all took time out of their trip to play with Dinkville members in a Private Pro Social at C2 Pickleball in Hendersonville, TN on Tuesday and Wednesday morning from 9am-12pm.  See pictures below and check out our community Discord or Facebook for all the photos from the event! Click here To Join

Pro-Celeb Pickleball Event Was PERFECT

Rain was in the forecast all week but for Tuesday night's Pro-Celebrity Charity Pickleball Event the weather was Perfect!  Over 200+ fans showed up to watch the Pros and Celebrities battle it out on the Rooftop courts at Belmont University in downtown Nashville.  Pickleroll set the tone for the night by installing 2 professional courts on the Rooftop at Belmont Tennis Facility with seating all around making it an ideal atmosphere for everyone to enjoy!  Having professional Pickleball commentator Chad Edwards and well known comedian John Crist emcee the event, fans knew they were in for an incredible night!  Phillip Phillips and Morgan Evans won the Celebrity bracket taking down Dierks Bentley and Ben Helson in the Finals!  Celebrity James Neal and Pro Tyra Black won the Mixed Pro-Celebrity bracket defeating Celebrity Dierks Bentley and Pro Bobbi Oshiro.  Celebrity Phillip Phillips and Pro Rob Nunnery Won the Men's Pro-Celebrity bracket defeating Celebrity Ben Helson and Pro Greg Dow.  See pictures below from the event, make sure to check out our Community Discord and Social Media for more pictures. Click here

Up Your Game Brought To You By The Dink:

When ‘Down the Middle’ Isn’t Cutting It

Simone Jardim is a certified pickleball legend. When she shells out mixed dubs advice, we listen. We’d even buy seashells if she sold them, but that's beside the point.

In this recent tidbit, Jardim lays out some strategy for the third shot in mixed doubles.

There are two places where Jardim suggests you send your third:

1) Drop - Behind the guy. Men usually pinch the middle in mixed doubles. It is important to keep them honest from the jump.

One way to do that is to drop the ball to the side of the male player. If they're playing the left, aim the ball at their left foot. Make them play a ball from their half of the court before they can slide to the middle.

2) Drive - At the forehand hip. Simone also recommends a drive at the forehand side hip of the female player.

She suggests the forehand instead of the backhand side, which might seem strange. Simone warns that on the backhand side, the player could slide out of the way and counter with a strong two-handed backhand.

The two-hander is a shot that is becoming very popular in the pro game. Adding the shift makes the backhand even more effective.

By targeting the forehand, Jardim's goal is to jam the player. She wants to force an awkward response. Something that her partner can take advantage of as they crash toward the NVZ.

Take it from the GOAT. Be intentional with your third shot. It's the most important shot in the game.

Today In Pickleball Brought To You By The Dink:

Battling Downtown Crises with Pickleball

Cities will try anything to discourage drug use and homelessness. Seattle’s mayor Bruce Harrell hopes pickleball will help.

As part of his Downtown Activation Plan, Harrell introduced a set of short-term steps toward addressing safety and public health in downtown.

The list of solutions is admittedly pretty broad in scope, but all of them are designed to bolster “an evidence-based public health approach to support people struggling with addiction.”

You might expect some of the proposed solutions:

  • Seattle police directed to disrupt distribution of narcotics
  • An expansion of the overdose response unit
  • The general expansion of resources designed to help those struggling

And then there are some efforts focused on bringing more activity and culture to the area:

  • The reopening of City Hall Park with events programming, safety, and lighting enhancements
  • Increase opportunities for food truck operators and pop-up food vendors
  • More frequent closings of downtown streets for special events, such as on-street pickleball competitions

The mayor’s opponents say this plan is doomed to fail.

“Harrell’s plan to bring hipsters sipping IPAs between pickleball games doesn’t treat addiction or cure homelessness,” one pundit says.

But we’re not so sure. After all, we’ve heard of the healing power of pickleball before, and even if it doesn’t do anything to aid in the addiction crisis, it makes the area that much nicer to live in.

Unless, of course, the courts are placed right next to homes. Then the mayor would really have a lot on his hands.

Standing Up for Family Play Times

We often tout the accessibility of pickleball, and for good reason – mostly. But there are rare cases where the barrier to entry becomes too great.

Example: one high school freshman in Palmetto, Florida is campaigning to make his local courts more affordable.

Connor Porry says he loves to play at one of the only local courts with his friends and family. The courts used to be free on the weekends, but now the nearby Village of Pinecrest is transferring all open pickleball play to four new courts…

…Courts which will only be free to use Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings, but not on the weekends. As Connor explains in his petition to local authorities, most players work or attend school and can likewise only play on the weekends.

“Now they’d have to pay $20 to play per hour. On average, pickleball is played 2 hours a day, 4 times per week. At this rate my father, brother and I would be paying $480 per month to play in Pinecrest Public Park courts,” the petition reads.

We know what you’re thinking: this is Florida, kid. Don’t you have other options? Apparently not as many as you’d think:

“If we don't reserve the court and pay, we will need to drive to Tropical Park (in heavy traffic, during rush hour) to play on the only other 4 dedicated courts in the Miami-Dade County park system with lights,” he explains.

“These courts get so full in the evening that you’re typically waiting an average of 25 minutes between games.”

We signed your petition, Connor. Good luck, and remember: no matter what the result of your efforts, the pickleball community is proud of you.

Pro Pickleball Stops in Ohio

You know that pickleball park that you've seen pictures of online. The one with two lines of courts that seem to go on forever? That is Sawyer Point, the home of this week's APP Vlasic Classic.

In Cincinnati, Andrei Daescu will look to maintain his stranglehold on the APP doubles events. He is mixing it up this week and will partner with Rob Nunnery and Alix Truong for the event.

Parris Todd is the favorite in both women's categories. She and mixed partner Hunter Johnson will have work to do if she hopes to secure another triple crown.

The mixed doubles field will be a toss up this weekend. Don’t be the least bit shocked if Susannah Barr/Rob Nunnery or Simone Jardim/Yates Johnson top the podium.

The world will get another look at Eric Roddy/Jim Dobran, the surprising duo that beat Jack Sock/Tyson McGuffin last week. Upset candidate and new MLP pick-up Phillip Locklear will also play in both doubles events.

  • Pickleball vet Frank Anthony Davis comes crashing into the men's singles draw looking to pick up some hardware.
  • Keep an out for William Sobek to pull another upset or two this weekend as he continues to break out this year.

Streaming starts Saturday at 1pm ET on APPTV. Tune into a special Championship Sunday broadcast from 12-2pm ET on CBS Sports.

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