Metro Parks Issues Program That Drastically Limits 80+ Pickleball Players

Metro Parks Issues Program That Drastically Limits 80+ Pickleball Players
Richland Park in Nashville, TN on Saturday morning with 80+ Pickleball Players from all over Middle Tennessee.

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Richland Park's New Pilot Program Issues 50/50 Split Between Tennis and Pickleball

Richland Park has become the Pickleball Headquarters of Nashville as hundreds of players play their weekly.  Some players travel 50+ miles to play and enjoy the wonderful community as you can have up to 8 pickleball courts going at one time.  Saturday mornings have been packed as there have been 80+ players playing and rotating for hours.  See video below from just a normal Saturday morning at Richland Park.

Metro Parks wants to make sure both Tennis and Pickleball players have the same opportunity to play so they have issued a Pilot Program that gives tennis and pickleball 2 courts each; 50/50 split.  Honestly, it sounds like a pretty fair split and even for both sides.  But Pickleball is an unique sport as it is mainly played in doubles and everyone mixes in together in a rotation. While tennis is mainly played as singles and they don't mix in together.  So in a 50/50 court split, realistically you will have 2 singles tennis groups (4 total players) to 16 active pickleball players (2 tennis courts= 4 Pickleball Courts of 4 players) with multiple players rotating in.  

20+ Pickleball Players to 4 tennis players isn't a recipe for success which is why I have my own thoughts below of a possible solution.

My Proposal- Designate Tennis and Pickleball Week Days and Split Weekends.  Monday-Wednesday-Friday Tennis.  Tuesday-Thursday Pickleball.  Saturday Morning 5am-12pm Pickleball, Saturday Afternoon Tennis 12pm-10pm.  Sunday Morning 5am-12pm Tennis, Sunday Afternoon Pickleball 12pm-10pm.  

Both Sports can play everyday but must give up court to the sport priority that day.

This allows both Tennis and Pickleball Communities to enjoy a fun and exciting experience of likeminded people instead of mixing the two which can cause friction.  

Dinkville is really looking forward to working with the city to try and find a better solution for all.

Curious to know what you think or if you have an idea yourself? Reply to this email and let me know!

Up Your Game Brought To You By The Dink:

Give Yourself A Hand

We received more Dink Fam questions about the two-handed backhand, so we're here to lend a hand.

The two-handed backhand opens up a realm of possibilities that doesn’t exist when using one hand.

The second hand adds power, control, and makes hitting topspin easier. It does come with the drawback of less reach, but that's a small price to pay.

The most important aspect of the two-hander is that the second-hand does most of the work. It should have a tighter grip on the paddle and control the paddle movement.

The dominant hand remains on the paddle for added stability and to prevent the need for changing hands.

Tyson McGuffin recommends a progression of drills using just the non-dominant hand to practice the stroke.

This helps build muscle memory and trust in the non-dominant hand. The dominant hand can be added back on after consistency is established.

Let your non-dominant in on the fun and add the two-hander to your game. You'll appreciate it the most on backhand drives, topspin dinks, and counterattacks.

Today In Pickleball Brought To You By The Dink:

Foods to Fuel Better Pickleball

The good folks at Food Network recently consulted a sports nutritionist to ascertain what pickleball players should incorporate into their diets to achieve better performance.

They separated the list by what to eat before, during, and after play:

Before: If you have hours before playing, eat a full, balanced meal which balances proteins, vegetables, and whole grains (e.g. vegetable omelet with whole grain toast, or salmon with stir-fried vegetables and brown rice).

If you only have an hour or so, they suggest drinking plenty of fluids and snacking on easily-digestible foods (e.g. a banana, rice cakes with peanut butter, or oatmeal).

During: For play which exceeds an hour or in excessive heat, players need the “fuel, fluid and electrolytes” provided by sports drinks, or quick-digesting calories from applesauce, pretzels, or low-fiber cereal.

After: You burn more calories playing pickleball than expected. The other day, I burned over 1,400 after playing for less than two hours. So it’s important to replenish your system.

Food Network’s nutritionist recommends the following formula:

  • 35% healthy carbohydrates such as bread, rice, or potatoes
  • 25% lean protein from chicken, fish, eggs, or tofu
  • 50% with fruits and/or vegetables for a complete and balanced recovery meal

In Pro League News…

MLP & APP both dropped some sponsorship news yesterday:

Today’s MLP Season 2 draft event in NYC won't just mark a change in team rosters. The league will also announce a new “sponsor” at the event: Pickleball Cares.

The nonprofit is a new philanthropic organization (also started by Steve Kuhn) that will provide resources and opportunities for underserved communities through pickleball. More info here.

Meanwhile, APP’s 50+ & 60+ divisions have new names and a new sponsor.

The divisions are no longer called "senior pros" or "super senior pros,” just Champions and Masters, sponsored by the organization known for helping people age: AARP.

AARP will also sponsor the Champions Cup tournament, showcasing players 50 and older, in 2024. More info here.

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