Neighborhood Captains Leading Their Local Community

Neighborhood Captains Leading Their Local Community
Picture of the Week: Margaret Gorznh (Left) and Addie Brewer(Right) in West Nashville playing on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Photo Credits to Paul Schatzkin

West Nashville was the spot to be on Saturday!

Lead by Neighborhood Captain Jason Tilley, West Nashville rallied 30+ members to show up and play and have fun!  I, Landon Hallam, have been so excited with the community and growth in West Nashville that I drove 40 minutes from Gallatin to join the fun!  What a wonderful group that is welcoming to all levels and just enjoy playing together!  See below pictures from last Saturday taken by our own Dinkville Member Paul Schatzkin.

We Want You!

Neighborhood Captains are leaders in their local community who want to grow the amazing game of Pickleball with everyone.  By organizing events, welcoming new members, and communicating with their community is key to being a Captain!  I want to thank Mt Juliet Captain Shawn Donovan, Gallatin Captain Alan Humphries, West Nashville Captain Jason Tilley, and Columbia Captain Chet Hale.  If you would like to be a Dinkville Neighborhood Captain, please click here

Up Your Game Brought To You By The Dink:

A Favorite Target for Third Shot Drops

Where do you hit your third shot drop? Middle? Sideline? Or do you just close your eyes and hope for the best?

Kyle Koszuta aka @thatpickleballguy recommends targeting the backhand of the left-side player. In this video, he explains why he favors this landing spot.

Less Offense - For most players, their backhand attacks are less effective than their forehand. Playing to their backhand allows for a safer advance toward the kitchen line.

No backup - With two right-handers, there is always a forehand lurking in the middle. If you try to target the other player's backhand, it might be intercepted by their partner's forehand.

Although this is a favorite and effective location to land a third, it does come with some inherent risks.

Out of bounds - There is less room for error when hitting to this location. If you're a little off to the right, the ball bounces out and the point is over.

Erne Threat - This location is also dangerous if your opponent is an erne threat. A ball close to the sideline is a prime erne candidate.

That makes dropping from the cross-court angle a safer bet.

If you hit it well, you can expect them to concede their advantage and dump a dink cross-court. If you hit it perfectly, you'll be rewarded with a pop-up or a ball into the net.

Get To Know Dinkville Member Alan Humphries

Chris Taylor (Left) and Alan Humphries (Right)

Who Are You? Alan Humphries aka HomeFries

When did you Start Playing? Started Feb 21

How did you Join Dinkville? I found Dinkville through the Gallatin Pickleball Facebook page

Why do I love pickleball ? Let me count the ways.  It’s a quirky sport that can involve lots of strategy.  Pickleball is inviting to all skill levels. Because of this sport I have met people that I would have never come in contact with.  Lastly , it keeps me physically and mentally fit. 5. Goals.  I will be a solid 3.5 player by 2023.  Continue to meet more fascinating folks in Middle TN and all around the southeast at Pickleball courts.  I would like to be a regional referee in the next 4-5 so my wife and I can travel to tournaments

What is your Favorite shot? 5th shot drop. Seriously there is nothing like dropping a soft dink when your opponent is backed up to expect a slam shot !

Advice to new players.  Be patient .  Be yourself.  Play for fun first.  Most of all keep having fun at all levels.  Life is too short to get uptight about a bad shot or a bad day.  A bad day on the Pickleball court is much better than a good day at work ! 🤪

Today In Pickleball Brought To You By The Dink:

APP Tour Lands Broadcast Deal

The APP made a promise at the end of last year: “we’re not going anywhere,” despite rumors that a ceasefire between MLP & PPA would somehow strongarm APP out of the scene.

To the contrary: they’re bringing out the big guns.

They’ve announced deals with CBS Sports and ESPN to broadcast the APP Tour throughout 2023, including 12 hours of live matches and highlight-driven programs on CBS Sports Network, eight hours of event recap telecasts on ESPN2, and over 200 hours of live streaming coverage on ESPN+ and APP TV.

The next event on February 12 in Daytona Beach will appear on ESPN2 from 8-9 pm EST. A full broadcast schedule is available on the APP website.

Boca Raton Masters Results

Boca Raton Masters Recap

It was like looking in the mirror at the Boca Raton Masters on Championship Sunday. The Johnson twins, Hunter and Yates, squared off for gold in the men's singles final. You won't find a more even match-up, as this one went three close games and was decided in Yates' favor in the final game to 15.

Hunter teamed up with Parris Todd earlier in the day to win gold in mixed doubles. This was Todd's second gold of the day. She and Milan Rane secured the women's doubles title in three games against Lee Whitwell and Megan Fudge.

Fudge won two silver medals this weekend. After an 11-1 win in game one, she was unable to close out games two or three in the women's singles final against the always dangerous Salome Devidze.

The men's doubles final was also decided in a final game to 15. Rob Nunnery and Greg Dow battled back from a 14-9 deficit to win the title 16-14. Proving once again in pickleball it's never over until it's over.

Former tennis pro Andreas Siljestrom has medaled in back-to-back pro events. Keep an eye on him and his team, the AZ Drive, in this week's MLP opener.

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