Pro-Celeb Rooftop Grand Opening Event Friday May 24th!

Pro-Celeb Rooftop Grand Opening Event Friday May 24th!

Dear Dinkville Community,

We are thrilled to announce the Grand Opening of the Rooftop Lounge Dinkville Pickleball Court, and we want you to join us for this exclusive event!

Event: Pro Celebrity Charity Pickleball Rooftop Grand Opening  

Date: Friday May 24th

Time: 7pm-9pm (Doors open at 5pm)

Location: Rooftop Lounge, Dinkville Pickleball Court, 230 4th Ave N, Nashville, TN 37219

Pros: James Ignatowich, Ryan Fu, Tyra Hurricane Black, Ava Ignatowich

Celebrities: James Neal, Morgan Evans, Meyers Leonard, Ben Johnson

To celebrate this special occasion, we have an exciting lineup of activities and entertainment planned. Highlights include:

- Pro-Celebrity Pickleball Matches: Watch your favorite pros and celebrities go head-to-head in thrilling pickleball games.
- Live DJ: Enjoy a live DJ as you take in the stunning rooftop views.
- Enjoy Food & Drinks: Savor delicious appetizers, cocktails, and beverages
- Meet & Greet: Get the chance to meet the celebrities and athletes participating in the event.

Here is Sneak Peak of Rooftop Court Being Installed

Please reply to this email if you have any questions!

Thank you,

Landon Hallam

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