Hundreds Of Pickleball Players Take Over Tennis Courts In Nashville

Hundreds Of Pickleball Players Take Over Tennis Courts In Nashville
Picture of the Week: Pickleball Players take over courts at Richland Park in Nashville, TN

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Geodis Park Summer Fest promo video with Dinkville Member Kaitlin Miller

Pickleball Players Storm Tennis Courts Saturday Morning In Nashville

Pickleball has been the fastest growing sport for the past 5 years and the growth of the sport is taking over Nashville!  With thousands of Pickleball players in the Nashville area, there are only a handful of permanent courts.  This results in Pickleball players setting up their own nets on tennis courts to play the sport they love.  Richland Park has 3 tennis courts, which converts to 6 pickleball courts, and had a total of 50+ Pickleball players with Shelby Park down the street with 40+ Pickleball Players playing.  

Pickleball will continue to grow and the need for more permanent courts is desperately needed!  Players please continue to be respectful to any Tennis Players who are trying to play on the same courts as we continue to work together for a solution!

Dinkville Summer Leagues July 10-August 14th

Dinkville is partnering with DUPR for Summer Leagues starting July 10th-August 14th in Nashville, Hendersonville-Gallatin, Mount Juliet, and Murfreesboro.

$20 Per Person Per Bracket. Sign up with or without Partner

4 matchups in 5 weeks vs Opponents in your skill level (Play all matchups in 1 week or spread it out throughout the 5 week window)

Play Anywhere, Anytime that works with your opponent

Schedule, Scores, Standings all processed through DUPR


Mount Juliet



If you have any questions over Dinkville DUPR Leagues please reach out to  Look forward to seeing everyone out on the courts!

Up Your Game Brought To You By The Dink

Inventing a New Attack

Ben Johns is always looking for an advantage. He studies the game as much as any player ever has.

This weekend we witnessed a creation fresh out of the Johns Bros’ pickleball lab.

Check out this flick attack from Ben in the mixed doubles final.

We assume it is something Ben has been working on in practice, but even he looks stunned that it almost worked.

Let's take a closer look at the shot:

  • Johns maximizes his reach, leaning all the way into the kitchen
  • He hits the ball with a backhand from his forehand side
  • Watch the whipping motion from right to left as his paddle grips the ball and spins it into the air

Tyson McGuffin and Catherine Parenteau are frozen. Left to wonder what just happened. They recover only just in time to turn around and call the ball out.

Johns is known for having the most effective backhand flick in the game. Now he has found a way to repurpose it on the forehand side.

An attack from your shoetops is rarely advisable, but this one accomplishes three things:

  1. Surprise. No one will see this one coming. At least not for another month or two.
  2. Pressure. You have just made the kitchen even smaller for your opponent and given them one less place to land a dink.
  3. Control. If you can control the spin on this shot consider yourself a black belt. Having that level of connection will only benefit your game.

If you're killing time on the court this week, try wrapping your head (and paddle) around this shot.

Today In Pickleball Brought To You By The Dink

MLP Week - There's Nothing Else Like It

New rules, new rosters, and one last hurrah. MLP San Clemente is the final event in season one of MLP. Come Tuesday, the rosters are erased and teams will prepare to redraft for season two.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. A weekend full of thrilling team pickleball starts tomorrow.

The twelve Challenger Level teams start MLP with group play. Each team will play three matches and the top two in each group advance to the knockout round.

The Bay Area Breakers went back-to-back in Mesa and Daytona and are heavy favorites to three-peat. Can their newest team member Vivian Glozman help keep them in the winner’s circle?

As for the Premier Level, the Seattle Pioneers are the reigning champs. With Etta Wright and Meghan Dizon playing better than ever, it is difficult to imagine anyone dethroning the Pioneers.

San Clemente will debut 8 rule changes announced by the league this week. The changes include:

  • Advanced video replay process
  • New paddle testing policies
  • End changes & additional challenges
  • And another strategic option on the coin toss. Read about all eight here.

Subscribe to the Major League Pickleball YouTube page to stream all of the matches except the Super Final Monday night, which will be shown exclusively on ESPN 2.

Why Did Gary V. Invest in Pickleball?

You might have seen this recent Bloomberg video. It’s a familiar format: big media corp publishes basic overview to capitalize on the number of people googling the sport.

But there's a reason to actually watch this one. Business Influencer Gary Vaynerchuk reveals why he invested in MLP:

  • “I knew Super Bowl One did not sell out its tickets.”
  • “I knew the 1982 NBA Finals was not even aired live.”
  • “I remembered watching the first UFC fight with my buddies in college going, ‘What is this?!’

“It’s always going to be confusing at first. Big things are not always obvious,” he told the Bloomberg reporter.

Gary V makes a good point. Consider the sports he referenced:

  • Gridiron football was first invented in the mid 1800s and didn’t even feature passing in the sport until 1906; the NFL didn’t exist until 1920.
  • Basketball had its unlikely start in Massachusetts in 1891 but the NBA didn’t form until 1946.
  • Mixed Martial Arts had to overcome national ban threats during the 90s in order to start regularly premiering on TV in the early 2000s.

In our latest episode of PicklePod, MLP founder Steve Kuhn talks about the time he invited Gary V over for a game and told him about the league he was about to start up.

“I also remember telling Andy Roddick that someday, more people are going to play pickleball than tennis. He wasn’t completely aligned with it.”

Here’s hoping other big-name investors release statements on why they decided to put their money in pickleball – it could encourage more to do the same.

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