The King Enters The Kitchen

The King Enters The Kitchen
Picture of the week Peggy Smith and Jonathan Jager

Tuesday Night Ladder Play

Packed out courts at Municipal Park in Gallatin, TN Tuesday Night!  16+ Dinkville members signed up and had fun on a beautiful Fall night!  See pictures below

Chad Smith about to slam a forehand!
Peggy Smith with the forehand!
Fun group from Tuesday night Ladder Play!
From left to right, Franklin Shirley, Rocco Marrandino, Chad Smith, and Tim Smith
From left to right, Drew Poyner, Larry Morgan, Colin Ratz, and Glenn Nabors
Peggy Smith and Jonathan Jager

Women's League Championship

The Women's League Championship was held Wednesday night at Memorial Park in Hendersonville, TN at 6:30pm.  A lot of great shots and fun times and Susan Bale was crowned champion!  The Ladies had a blast and look forward to another fun season starting 10/10!  Sign up here to join a league

From left to right, Darolyn Praskach, Cher Haack, Rusti Quarles, Ada Suarez=Blash, Carol Wald, Lisa Fowler, and Susan Bale

Lebron James Buys Pickleball Team

Lebron James NBA All Star now Owner of a Major League Pickleball Team 

Lebron James and Investors buy Major League Pickleball Team.  Click here to read the story

Get To Know our Member Kevin Richardson

Kevin Richardson and his beautiful family!

Who are you?  My name is Kevin Richardson, and I am addicted to Pickleball. I love it so much I created the Gallatin Pickleball group on Facebook to help promote the game I love in the community I love.  When I am not playing, you’ll see me at The Mall at Green Hills where I am the Director of Security. We just installed an indoor Pickleball court, so you may see me playing there too. I also enjoy spending time with my wife, son and two daughters and telling a few dad jokes at
When did you start playing Pickleball? I started playing Pickleball earlier this year when we started researching how to install a Pickleball court at The Mall at Green Hills as part of our wellness program. I have always loved playing Ping Pong and Tennis, so pickleball was the best of both worlds.
Why do you love pickleball?  I have always loved playing Ping Pong and tennis, but it was often difficult to find people to play. When I found Pickleball I also found a pickleball community that is just as passionate as I am. There is no shortage of opportunities to play in our area and the community is like no other!
What’s your favorite shot in Pickleball?  Hitting a serve that cannot be returned. I do realize in Pickleball the purpose of the serve is simply to place the ball in play and is not intended as an offensive weapon, but I sure do love when I hit an ace.
What’s your goals this year in pickleball?  My goals this year and next are to play in more tournaments. I love the singles  Pickleball game, but it is usually more difficult to find tournaments with enough singles players in my skill and age bracket.
What’s your advice to new players?  First, you have to start. I know there are many people out there that has heard about this great game of Pickleball and are thinking about starting, but you have to start to enjoy the sport. Stop thinking about it and just do it. It could be a life changing experience once you do as it has been for me.  The best advice to get better is to drill! Yes, you can get better by playing games, but if you want to make bigger improvements in your game you must drill. Find someone who also wants to improve and ask them to be your drilling partner or take advantage of our many great pickleball coaches in the area as I have done.

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Landon Hallam, Dinkville Commissioner,

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