24+ New Players Packed Out The Courts For Free Beginners Clinic In Gallatin, TN

24+ New Players Packed Out The Courts For Free Beginners Clinic In Gallatin, TN
Picture of the Week: 24+ Beginners Signed up for the Free Dinkville Beginners Clinic at Municipal Park in Gallatin, TN on Monday May 22nd.

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Wishful Dinking Pro-Celebrity Promo Video

Wishful Dinking Pro-Celebrity Promo Video. Video Credits- High Five Pickleball

Spring Leagues Extended Deadline to May 31st

Due to multiple teams needing some extra days to get their matchups in, we are extending the deadline to May 31st.  All Matchups need to be completed as best as possible by Wednesday May 31st to complete the season!  Please try and coordinate with your opponents to get your games in.  If your opponents aren't responding, just move on to the next matchup or find a sub to replace the missing person.  

All Standings are based of scores submitted through the "League Submission Form" Click Here For League Submission Form.  I want to thank Jason Tilley and Doug Praskash for helping me keep up with the league standings and DUPR recordings!

Summer League Sign Ups will be posted Mid June with first week starting July 10th so be on the look 0ut in our Community Discord, Social Platforms, and Email.  Click Here For All Dinkville Platforms!

Dinkville Beginners Clinic Was A Success!

24+ New Players Signed Up for a free Beginners Clinic on Monday May 22nd from 6pm-7pm at Municipal Park in Gallatin, TN.  We had 6 courts full of beginners with a Dinkville Instructor at each court teaching the basics of Pickleball.  After 45 minutes of instruction, we cranked up the music and played games for the remaining time!  Safe to say I think they are Hooked Now!  Thank you to our Dinkville Instructors Chris Taylor, Ross Caroland, Alan Humphries, Larry Morgan, and Sean Donovan for volunteering to make this a wonderful night for everyone!  More events and clinics coming soon so make sure to stay close to the Community Discord and Social Media Platforms!  Click here to Join Dinkville!   See pictures below from the Beginners Clinic

Up Your Game Brought To You By The Dink:

“I Had That”

Stop poaching this ball from your partner.

You're both trying to move towards the kitchen and you're a step ahead. The next ball is headed directly for your inside foot.

Instead of trying to hit a drop from your shoetop, let it go. Learn to trust that your partner has your back.

They will have a better look at the ball after it bounces.

In the transition zone, the height of the ball is just as important as whose side it is on. For balls in the middle, either player has the opportunity to make a play.

As you move in, factor height into the equation. If a ball has you out of position, call for help. Let your partner take it off the bounce.

Provide the same coverage for your partner and let them know you’re there. If you see a ball they will need to bend for, call them off.

Too often, points are lost on shots that could easily be returned by the partner. Ideally, your partner should tell you “I’ve got it,” not “I had that.”

Today In Pickleball Brought To You By The Dink:

Waters Capitalizes at ATL Major

Atlanta, much like every other stop on tour, now belongs to Anna Leigh Waters. The 16-year-old secured another triple crown in her dominant 2023 run.

Waters and Ben Johns kicked off Championship Sunday with a victory over Parris Todd and Riley Newman. She continues to be the X-factor in mixed doubles and routinely went toe-to-toe with Newman.

In women's doubles, ALW and Anna Bright confidently collected the title in three games 11-4, 11-3, 11-5 against Jorja Johnson and Vivienne David.

Mary Brascia brought home her first PPA silver medal. She earned a big win over Lea Jansen in the semis but couldn’t crack the ALW code in the final.

The men's singles final went down to the wire thanks to a late-game comeback by Connor Garnett. In game three, he rallied from a 4-10 deficit back to 9-10.

JW Johnson recovered at the eleventh hour and closed out the match 11-4, 7-11, 11-9.

There is no love lost between Riley Newman and Collin Johns these days. The Johns brothers continue to widen the gap in this rivalry with another clinical victory over Newman and Matt Wright.

The PPA Tour returns to action on June 1st with the Texas Open in Rockwall, TX.

The Paddle Factor We Don’t Consider

With all this talk over delamination and deflection, it’s an interesting time to be a pickleball paddle manufacturer. Especially in an industry where enthusiasts place such importance on factors like paddle length and weight.

But why doesn’t the industry put much consideration into a paddle’s swingweight?

That’s the question posed in an open letter to the pickleball paddle manufacturing industry from WeArePickleball.

Think of swingweight as the force the paddle exerts back onto our hand/wrist/arm as we swing it through the air.

Two 8-oz. paddles can have different swingweights depending on how those 8 ounces are distributed through the paddles.

Paddle swingweight impacts paddle performance in two key ways:

  • The heavier a paddle swings, the more power it will deliver to the ball.
  • A heavier swingweight paddle will be slower than its lighter swingweight counterpart.

A higher swingweight could benefit players in singles, where powerful serves and groundstroke rallies are of greater importance than fast hands battles.

Of course, different swingweights can impact your body’s performance, too, especially if you’re a consistent player.

The open letter delves into all of that and asks paddle manufacturers to start disclosing swingweight so players can make informed paddle decisions.

Read the full letter here.

Pickleball on Tennis Hallowed Ground

The APP Tour returns to one of the grandest stages in pickleball this weekend for the New York City Open. Pickleballers will flood the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center for the second straight year.

The stop has become one of the most coveted tournaments for the thousands of tennis converts that have upgraded to pickleball.

Andrei Daescu's doubles game has dominated the tour and shows no signs of slowing down. He and Rob Nunnery will run it back this week after a championship in Cincy.

Thirty women will compete in one of the largest singles fields on the tour thus far. Judit Castillo and Salome Devidze lead the pack and would make for a must-see match on championship court.

Sixty-three men will attempt to hoist the hardware in Flushing Meadows. Unfortunately, if your last name isn't Johnson, the odds are against you. Yates and Hunter Johnson have scooped up all of the singles titles this year.

If you want to tune into the event, you'll need to subscribe…To ESPN+, that is.

The stream from the mothership will be live from 1:00-8:00 PM EST on Saturday and 1:00-6:00 PM on Championship Sunday.

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