Wishful Dinking Tournament Results

Wishful Dinking Tournament Results

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Thank you to all the members who participated in the first Wishful Dinking Charity Pickleball Tournament benefitting Make-A-Wish Middle Tennessee! Congratulations to all the medal winners and look forward to seeing everyone at our next event!  Please see below medal winners from each bracket.

Women's Doubles 1.0-2.75 Bracket Medalist

Gold- Brenda Causey and SueAnn Pippin

Silver- Angie Cook and Joni Charles

Bronze- Dana Hooper and Janet Chaudury

Women's Doubles 2.75-3.50 Bracket Medalist

Gold- Shannon Tays and Jo Jo Childress

Silver- Gretchen von Peters and Erin Bradford

Bronze- Teri Schott and Jane Rezos

Women's Doubles 3.5+ Bracket Medalist

Gold- Addison Brewer and Caitlin Clark

Silver- Kelsey Peters and Elizabeth Palma

Bronze- Jen Cahill and Tammy Richards

Mixed Doubles 2.75-3.50 Bracket Medalist

Gold- Bill Stevenson and Jennifer Kistner

Silver- Marc Parzianello and Erin Bradford

Bronze- Shannon Tays and Clay Smith

Mixed 3.5-4.25 Bracket Medalist

Gold- Canard Cooper and Addison Brewer

Silver- Jason Tilley and Rusti Quarles

Bronze- Pablo Palma and Elizabeth Palma

Mixed Doubles 4.25+ Bracket Medalist

Gold- Landon Hallam and Kaitlin Miller

Silver- Asher Rohm and Jenna Volk

Bronze- Seth Stricker and Leah Flautt

Men's Doubles 2.75-3.5 Bracket Medalist

Gold- Marc Parzianello and Anthony Romeo

Silver- Bailey Jones and Mark Keen

Bronze- Ben Juillerat and Keith Zust

Men's Doubles 3.5-4.25 Bracket Medalist

Gold- Pablo Palma and Charlie Cantor

Silver- Austin Kinsler and Jackson Kinsler

Bronze- Zachary Frey and Aaron Birch

Men's Doubles 4.25+ Bracket Medalist

Gold- Pearce Turner and Devin Guisande

Silver- Dan Cahill and Josh Bartow

Bronze- Charles Hunnel and Seth Stricker

C2 Spring Fling Tournament May 6th-7th

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Landon Hallam

Dinkville CEO

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