2 Days Left To Sign Up For Super Dink: Glow in the Dark Pickleball Tournament

2 Days Left To Sign Up For Super Dink: Glow in the Dark Pickleball Tournament

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Dear Dinkville Members,

Time is running out! You've got just two days left to sign up for the Super Dink Glow-in-the-Dark Pickleball Tournament. With over 90 teams already on board, this promises to be an epic event!

Don't miss out on the excitement – secure your spot before registration closes on Sunday, January 28th. The tournament kicks off on Saturday, February 3rd, and we want you to be part of the action.

Sign Up Today HERE!

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Today In Pickleball Brought To You By The Dink

Watch Me Whip

There are some players that have effortless power on the court. They’re not the biggest or the strongest but the ball flies off of their paddle.

Jaume Martinez Vich is one of those players. In a new video from Davis Pickleball, Jaume explains the intricacies of his swing and where his power comes from.

The Grip

  • Instead of gripping the paddle tightly with his whole hand, Jaume squeezes the paddle with his thumb, middle and ring finger. He maintains a loose wrist and forearm to maximize mobility.
  • Timing is also stressed by Jaume. His grip is loose before contact but tightens just before contact.

Whip It

  • A loose forearm and wrist allow Jaume to create a whipping motion with the paddle. In his backswing, he points the paddle towards the back fence to create lag.
  • At contact, he whips the paddle through the ball at maximum velocity. This sends the ball rocketing off his paddle.

Most beginner players try to generate power by tightening their arms and choking their paddle. All this will do is leave you sore the next day.

Let your paddle do the heavy lifting. Swing it like Jaume and shock your opponent with your effortless power. Watch the full video here.

San Fran Players Promise Revolt

There's a developing situation in San Francisco which may lead some pickleball fans to perform a little civil disobedience.

Here's the story:

  • The city says it will remove the divider lines of about half of the 12-or-so courts currently in place at the Presidio Wall tennis & pickleball space — removing lines will revert the affected courts back to tennis-only
  • The San Francisco Standard reports pickleball players already face long wait times with up to 12 courts active, meaning their queues will likely be much worse if this action is taken
  • Multiple noise complaints from the park's neighbors and the completion of a new public pickleball space in San Francisco

The most infuriating part of the story? One of the local residents who petitioned to have the Presidio Wall courts removed also has a court in her own yard.

"Holly Peterson alleged that the sale of her $36 million home was thwarted due to the constant pock, pock, pock of pickleballs near the property," a San Francisco Standard report says. "Ironically, Peterson’s home featured its own pickleball court."

Ultimately, all the players are asking for is a little communication from city officials before they lose courts. But this top-down issue works in the reverse, of course.

The tennis- and noise-related issues we’ve seen over the last few years probably wouldn't be so prevalent in the first place if municipalities took more time to plan court placement – though rec departments have been flooded with requests since before the pandemic.

Either way, it's refreshing to see threats of pickleball protests come from actual pickleball fans, not enemies. Keep fighting the good fight, San Fran picklers.

Hopefully this doesn't happen in Nashville, if so, WE WILL BE READY!

Uh, MLP, Are You Good?

Sources tell us that the upcoming MLP Los Angeles Challenger event is already canceled. So what does that mean for the full slate?

It would admittedly be pretty disappointing for the first Major League Pickleball tournament of the season, slated for early next month in California, to be canceled outright.

But maybe that’s the price of MLP and PPA focusing hard on finishing up their merger? Remember: the self-imposed deadline is January 31st (not that it may turn out to mean anything).

A source close to MLP seems positive the merger will go through:

“MLP Draft date(s) have not yet been confirmed or announced. We look forward to getting the merger closed and sharing additional 2024 details at that point.”

Fingers crossed.

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