30 Teams Already Signed Up for Glow in the Dark Pickleball Tournament on Feb 3rd! Sign Up Today and Join the Fun!

30 Teams Already Signed Up for Glow in the Dark Pickleball Tournament on Feb 3rd! Sign Up Today and Join the Fun!
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Super Dink Glow in the Dark Pickleball Tournament Feb 3rd

Dinkville is excited to announce Super Dink: Glow in the Dark Pickleball Tournament at C2 Pickleball in Hendersonville, TN on Saturday February 3rd! There will be Men's, Women's, and Mixed Doubles Brackets for ALL Skill Levels so make sure to find a partner and get signed up today! There are already 30+ Teams Registered so make sure to Sign Up Today HERE!

Thank you to our tournament sponsor Miracle Automotive for making this event happen! If you are looking for a car or need anything at all in the car industry, make sure you head to Miracle Automotive!

If you can't make this event, go to C2 Pickleball for other upcoming Pickleball events and membership options!

Today In Pickleball Brought To You By The Dink

Striking the ‘Upper 90’

Hitting the perfect passing shot is kind of like scoring a goal in soccer.

You're playing keep-away with the goalie but also working within the boundaries of the net (court). One under-utilized pass: curl the ball into the top corner.

"The addition of height to a passing shot will increase the distance a player must cover to protect their court." - Pythagoras

looping topspin pass can be just as effective as trying to burn the ball by your opponent. The distance they have to cover is key to them defending the ball.

This strategy is not strictly for singles, either. Intentionally adding height can keep a ball out of reach for a ball down the line or through the middle in doubles.

Sending the ball into the proverbial ‘upper 90’ can help ensure the pass stays in the passed. See it in action here.

Nervous about employing the new strategy? Send the first couple down the line to their backhand. No one is going to hurt you with a backhand overhead. Well, no one except Jessie Irvine.

Players Organize in Response to League Leadership

Last week, we broke news that MLP and PPA players were asked to take a significant pay cut in order for the leagues to continue financially. We’ve since heard that MLP players believe to be at a greater disadvantage than PPA players.

The Player Collective, a new organization representing the 103 signed MLP players, has secured funding from an Angel (investor) and has retained an Employment Attorney and an Anti-Trust Attorney, according to the group.

MLP players were asked to take up to a 40% cut, but PPA players were only asked for 0-10%, according to the Collective. We have also heard that MLP players felt threatened to sign and were given false deadlines to work toward.

According to a recent email obtained by The Dink, the group polled players for their thoughts surrounding last month's player pay negotiations:

  • 93% have not received the information they’ve requested to make an informed decision as whether to accept a pay-cut or not
  • 89% of respondents believe they have not been treated fairly during the pay-cut negotiation process
  • 88% of respondents believe that they are being punished for their loyalty to MLP
  • When asked: “Have you found that Anne, Bruce, John or other MLP staff have been able to successfully answer the majority of your questions?”, 94% of respondents answered “No"
  • When asked: “Do you think the PPA is of high moral character and integrity” 79% of respondents answered “No”, 21% answered “No opinion,” and not a single respondent answered “Yes”

Players had some choice words for MLP leadership and described what these negotiations have been like for them — you can read these anonymous opinions from players here.

Bouchard Breaks into Pickleball


In 2015, no athlete on the planet was more marketable than Genie Bouchard.

She topped SportsPro Media's list of the World's 50 Most Marketable Athletes that year.

The Canadian tennis sensation had a career year in 2014:

  • World ranking No. 5
  • Finalist at Wimbledon
  • Semifinalist at the French Open
  • Semifinalist at the Australian Open

Since then, Bouchard has amassed millions of followers online and remained a staple in the game.

With the peak of her tennis career seemingly behind her, Bouchard appears to be following in Jack Sock's footsteps.

Bouchard will make her pro pickleball debut at the PPA Masters next month. She is scheduled to play alongside Tyler Loong in mixed doubles. 

Between Sock and Bouchard, Ben Johns and Anna Leigh Waters could be in for a little more competition in 2024.

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