Free Giveaway: Win 12pk of Selkirk Pro S1 Balls!

Free Giveaway: Win 12pk of Selkirk Pro S1 Balls!
Graphic designed by Lorena Duknic

Dinkville is proud to be sponsored by Selkirk, and we highly recommend their exceptional products and strong commitment to the future of pickleball. Please check out their site HERE and use code ADV-LHALLAM at Checkout to receive a FREE GIFT from Selkirk!

Selkirk P1 Pickleballs Giveaway Contest! 

Get ready for an exciting chance to win Selkirk P1 Pickleballs in our exclusive giveaway! Here's how to participate:

1. **Follow us on Instagram:**
   - Head over to Instagram and follow @Dinkville_Pickleball.

2. **Share the Contest Post:**
   - Find our dedicated contest post on @Dinkville_Pickleball's Instagram feed.
   - Share the post on your Instagram story or your feed. Don't forget to make it public and Tag Us so we can see your entry!

3. **Tag Three Friends:**
   - In the comment section of the contest post, tag three different friends who would love to join the pickleball fun!

4. **Submission Deadline:**
   - Make sure to complete all the steps by 12/24 Christmas Eve

   - Two lucky winners will each receive a 12pk set of Selkirk P1 Pickleballs – the perfect addition to your pickleball game!

 **Winner Announcement:**
   - Stay tuned! We will announce the winners on Christmas Day via our Instagram Story!

 **Good Luck!**
   - Get ready to elevate your pickleball experience with Selkirk P1 Pickleballs. Don't miss this chance – enter now!

Thank you,

Landon Hallam

Dinkville President

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