10 Courts Full on Labor Day!

10 Courts Full on Labor Day!
Dinkville Picture of the Week! From left to right, Mariela Guevara, Carol Wald, Susan Bale, Cheryl Haack after competing their Week 3 Women's League Matchup.

Labor Day meets Dinkville

Picklers packed out 10 courts at Municipal Park in Gallatin, TN on Labor Day Monday!  Huge shout out to Gallatin local Kevin Richardson on organizing the troops to make this amazing morning possible!

To keep the momentum rollin' in Gallatin, we are organizing a Tuesday night Ladder Play (4 courts, 16 total spots).   Click here to sign up Open court play is still on and available on the other courts!

See Below Pictures from Monday morning in Gallatin, TN

Gallatin Pickleball Courts Labor Day Monday, Photo credit Kevin Richardson
Gallatin Pickleball Courts Labor Day Monday, Photo credit Kevin Richardson
Gallatin Parking Lot Labor Day Monday

Behind the Scenes Progress for Open Court Play

"Who's playing tonight?"  "Where's everyone playing today?"  "How many are coming to play?"  These are questions members/non members have to ask daily.

We me with a very intelligent software developer Justin Hales, who works for Coda which is one of the best companies in tech, who is helping us build an efficient system that will answer all these questions with just a click of a button!

We appreciate your patience and communication as we continue to develop our software so you know who is playing where every day!  COMING SOON!

Dinkville Member Dominic Serrano Steps Up

Dominic Serrano

When Dominic isn't playing Pickleball, he's a software developer here in Mount Juliet.  He offered his assistance and knowledge with Dinkville's Discord and we are so thankful he did!!!  

If you have any questions at all with Discord and/or want to have a fun partner to Pickleball, Dom is your guy!  THANK YOU!!

Dominic Serrano Pickleball action picture

Get to know Dinkville Member Beth Walker

Beth Walker Pickleball action shot

Who are you?

Who am I? I’m a pickleball addict! I am truly and completely addicted to the sport!  My husband says he has lost me to the “Pickleball Vortex.” Seriously, I’m an active, energetic and passionate individual who loves the freedom of the outdoors & the wind blowing through my hair!  When I’m not on the court, you’ll find me enjoying the outdoors:  hiking, traveling in our RV, riding mountain bikes with the hubs and even some wake surfing in the summer!

When did you start playing Pickleball?

I started playing Pickleball in January 2019 when a friend talked me into giving-it-a-go and have been hooked ever since. I played my first tournament in February of 2020 and then got certified as an IPTPA Level I instructor in November that year.

Why do you love pickleball?

I have participated in many sports, but pickleball has a community like no other! I have made lots of pickleball friends by playing locally, participating in tournaments, and by creating a group where beginners to intermediate players can come and learn the fundamentals of the game in a safe and fun environment. Pickleball has certainly brought me out of my shell, but I love it because of all the wonderful people that I have met!

What’s your favorite shot in Pickleball?

Getting it in!  Not sure I have a favorite shot, but I sure do like it when I return the ball nice and deep at the baseline and it catches my opponents off guard.

What’s your goals this year in pickleball?

Settling down, being patient and more consistent in my shots to get to that next level.  (And drawing my husband into the sport as he enters retirement!)

What’s your advice to new players?

First and foremost … have FUN!!  Chart your own pickleball journey whether you play recreationally or competitively. Everyone progresses at a different rate.  The best advice to get better? … drill, drill, drill!    Pick one area that you want to focus on and work on it.  Muscle memory will set in and you will see your game advance.  If not, there is a growing community of recovering pickleball addicts.

Good Luck to Dinkville Members in Tournaments this weekend!!

Good luck to all the Dinkville members playing in the APP Atlanta Metro Open Golden Ticket Qualifier (65k) and APP Chicago Open presented by Lexus.  Bring home some hardware!!

Past Pro Pickleball News

Another good APP tournament in the books at the APP Chicago Open presented by Lexus
Mixed Doubles: Anna Bright and Dylan Frazier Defeated Jorja Johnson and JW Johnson
Men's Doubles: Dylan Frazier and Andrei Daescu Defeated JW Johnson and Dekel Bar
Women's Doubles: Andrea Koop and Lauren Stratman Defeated Anna Bright and Jorja Johnson
Men's Singles: Federico Staksrud Defeated JW Johnson
Women's Singles: Salome Devidze Defeated Anna Bright

Upcoming News/Events

The PPA Baird Wealth Management Open is this weekend as well in Cincinnati, OH. Check out the PPA event by clicking on the link below:
Live on YouTube at: https://www.youtube.com/c/PPAtour
Live on Facebook at:https://www.facebook.com/OfficialPPATour

The APP Atlanta Metro Open Golden Ticket Qualifier (65k) is being held this weekend. Follow the links below to watch:
Live on YouTube at:


Or Live on Facebook at:https://www.facebook.com/theapptour
Congratulations to James Ignotowich on being signed by Selkirk.

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