Maren Morris Next Game?

Maren Morris Next Game?
USA Pickleball September 2022 Country Music Star Maren Morris 

Hey Maren, need a doubles partner???

Mega-Star Maren Morris plays pickleball in the middle of parking lots between cities on tour.  She is one of many local Nashville stars that play on a regular basis and hopefully a future Dinkville Member!  Click here for article

Pickle Roll'in Downtown Nashville

Pickleball Downtown Nashville for 9/11 Memorial Tribute. Photo Credit Loriann Sluder Haley

Pickleball downtown Nashville to support 9/11 Memorial Tribute and to grow the sport we all love!  Shout out to our Dinkville member Stephanie Lane for spreading the word for this wonderful event!

Green Hills Mall Pickleball Court

Green Hills Mall Pickleball Court

Green Hills Mall is all set and ready for action!  If you're in the area stop by and get a game in and share a picture on our Discord Page!

Tuesday Night Ladder Play

Dinkville Members at Tuesday Night Ladder Play at Municipal Park in Gallatin, TN
Dinkville Members at Tuesday Night Ladder Play

Tuesday Night Ladder Play in Gallatin was a Success!  Thank you to Carrie Fisher for running it and all the members who signed up and played on such a beautiful night!  If you want to sign up for future Organized Play, visit our website!

Get to Know Our Member Greg Allmond

Greg Allmond on the left and his son on the right. Pickleball pro Anna Leigh and her mom in middle!

Who Are You?  Moved to Nashville 5 years ago from Charlotte, NC.  IT Sales for 20 years

When did you start playing Pickleball?  2016, but due to injury took a couple years off then started back in October of 2o21.

Why Do you love Pickleball?  Pickleball includes everything; Table Tennis, Tennis, Racquetball, all sports i played with a close community bond!

What is your favorite shot in Pickleball?  Coming from tennis, love the overheads and cross shots

What are your goals this year?  To consistently medal in 4.0 tournaments and move to 4.5 in 2023.

What is some advice for new players?  Learn to dink in order to control the game with higher level players.

Pickleball News

Source APP and The Dink
Source PPA and The Dink
Source The Dink

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