Dinkville Donates $3,300 to Christmas 4 Kids

Dinkville Donates $3,300 to Christmas 4 Kids

Dinkville is proud to be sponsored by Selkirk, and we highly recommend their exceptional products and strong commitment to the future of pickleball. Please check out their site HERE and use code ADV-LHALLAM at Checkout to receive a FREE GIFT from Selkirk!

Dinkville's 2nd Anniversary Tournament on June 22nd-23rd at Peay Park

Dinkville's 2nd Anniversary Tournament set for June 22nd-23rd at Peay Park in Goodlettsville, TN. Multiple brackets so all skill levels are welcome! If this is your 20th tournament or your first, we would love to have you out for a fun pickleball tournament!

Sign up for the tournament HERE

Sign up before May 31st to secure FREE MERCH at Check in!

Saturday June 22nd- Morning Men's and Afternoon Women's Brackets

Sunday June 23rd- Morning Men's/Women's Singles and Afternoon Mixed Brackets.

This is a DUPR rated tournament so all scores will be submitted to help players get a more accurate player rating.

Free Beginner's Clinic on Tuesday April 16th at Municipal Park in Gallatin, TN

Want to learn Pickleball? Or have a friend or family member that is wanting to play? Sign up for our FREE Beginner's Clinic on Tuesday April 16th at Municipal Park in Gallatin, TN. We will have multiple Dinkville Instructors to teach you the basics and get you playing! No need to have a paddle or ball, just sign up and show up and we will take it from there! Sign up HERE

Dinkville Madness Charity Pickleball Tournament Raises $3,300 for Christmas 4 Kids

Dinkville is proud to share that we were able to raise $3,300 for Christmas 4 Kids through our Dinkville Madness Charity Tournament! Thank you to all the players. sponsors, and Bluegrass Country Club for making this event special! If you want to know more about Christmas 4 Kids, check out there website HERE

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Upcoming Tournament In Nashville

Nashville Young Life Tournament- Register here for the inaugural Nashville Young Life Pickleball Tournament at Lipscomb Racquet Club on Saturday, May 11th! Young Life is an outreach ministry for high schoolers, middle schoolers, parenting teens, and friends with disabilities in Nashville. All proceeds directly benefit ministry in Central and Southeast Nashville, so that Young Life leaders can continue showing up in the lives of our high school friends.

  • Men's, Women's, and Mixed Doubles are available for all skill levels. 
  • $60/player - pool play followed by single elimination (minimum of 4 games)
  • Registration closes on May 8th - get your spot today! 
  • Sign Up HERE

Today In Pickleball Brought To You By The Dink

Keys to Executing a Perfect Midcourt Reset

by Touring Pro Eric Roddy

One of the most important and difficult shots in pickleball is resetting the ball from the midcourt.

It must be executed to near perfection, otherwise your opponents will be able to continue to attack you and keep you from the kitchen. Being able to hit consistent resetting drops from the midcourt is a crucial skill to have when progressing up the pickleball ratings ladder.

Here are five keys to executing the perfect reset:

  1. Keep your butt and paddle down
  2. Open the paddle face and get under the ball
  3. Absorb the majority of the pace
  4. Aim resets cross-court and middle
  5. Never drive more than once

Now that you know the keys, think about which one are you not following. Chances are you break at least one of these rules routinely.

All five keys will help increase your odds of landing a ball safely in the kitchen. Give yourself the best chance to survive and get the point back to neutral.

A Stickler for the Rules

Kitchen violations happen constantly in pickleball. Everyone steps on the line at one point or another, but somehow no one believes they’re ever guilty.

It’s a weird phenomenon where by the time your eyes look down at your shoe, it’s magically slid backward off of the line and provided justification for your defense.

Because of this phenomenon, calling kitchen violations in rec play is just…awkward. Unless egregious, it almost always results in a discussion or hurt feelings.

It’s like calling traveling in pick-up basketball. Be ready to fabricate an instant replay and break out a pedometer to justify the call.

You could argue that the spirit of the rule is to keep players away from the net, so unless they are stepping fully into the kitchen it’s not that big of a deal. A toe on the line isn’t going to make that big of an impact.

So what can you do to fix the problem and keep things friendly?

  • Let the offending player know after the point without making a call, preferably a point you won anyway.
  • Let your partner know to keep an eye out. If both of you catch the infraction it’s easier to believe and can squash a rebuttal.
  • Officially, in ‘Non-Officiated Play’ the rule is to replay the point if there is any disagreement, so be prepared to replay the point.

Do you know any repeat offenders constantly crossing the line? What is the best way you’ve caught them red-handed?

Next PPA Stop Deep in the Heart of Texas

The PPA Tour is in the midst of four consecutive weeks of tournaments spanning the entire month of April. They’ve traveled from North Carolina to Houston this week and will continue out to Los Angeles next week.

Need a breather?
The packed schedule has some pros looking for a breather. Notable absences this week include Anna Leigh WatersCatherine ParenteauJack SockTyson McGuffinand more.

Mixing it up
With ALW off, Ben Johns will pair with former Seattle Pioneers teammate Etta Wright. They surrender the top seed to Anna Bright/James Ignatowich. Keep an eye out for NC Cup silver medalists Tina Pisnik/Dekel Bar.

Coming for the crown
Mary Brascia
 takes the reigns as the No. 1 seed with ALW and CP missing. Can she make good on the top seed or will another challenger slide in and steal the opportunity?

We meet again
Ben and Federico Staksrud sit alone atop The Dink’s latest men’s singles power rankings. Will we see another meeting in the finals on Sunday?

This week is an ‘Open’ event and will follow the traditional format; singles tomorrow, mixed on Friday, and men’s/women’s doubles on Saturday. Coverage can be found on Amazon Prime and PickleballTV.

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