Dinkville Madness Charity Tournament Bracket Medalist

Dinkville Madness Charity Tournament Bracket Medalist

Dear Dinkville Community,

I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who participated in the Dinkville Madness Charity Pickleball Tournament. Your enthusiasm, sportsmanship, and dedication helped make the event a tremendous success.

Congratulations to all the medalists! Your skill and determination were truly inspiring to witness, and we commend you for your outstanding performances on the court.

We're grateful to each and every one of you for joining us in support of Christmas 4 Kids charity and for contributing to the fun and excitement of the tournament. As we wrap up this event, we're already looking forward to our upcoming Dinkville Anniversary Tournament scheduled for June 22nd-23rd. Stay tuned for more details and the release of the sign-up information soon!. We can't wait to see you all back on the courts for another memorable event!

Men's Doubles Intermediate Medalists

Gold- Zach Kent and Lane Mckee

Silver- Joe Pruett and Chris Mullican

Bronze- Chad Richards and Chad Bisher

Men's Doubles 4.0 Medalists

Gold- James Roeder and Daniel Green

Silver- Josh Jarratt and Braden Funk

Bronze- Scott Andrews and Adam Reese

Mixed Doubles 3.25-3.50 Medalists

Gold- Chad Richards and Tamara Richards

Silver- Carl Wockner and McKenzie Wallace

Bronze- Dan Stelling and Elrita Blanckenberg

Mixed Doubles 3.75 Medalists

Gold- Sean Fitzgerald and Brigid Antonelli

Silver- Chris Mullican and Cathie Weaver

Bronze- George Spiva and Michelle Spiva

Women's Doubles 2.5 Medalists

Gold- Stephanie Butler and Michelle Belin

Silver- Faye Okert and Cassandra Cornish

Bronze- Shaoyun Yang and Marianne Rivera

Women's Doubles 3.5 Medalists

Gold- McKenzie Wallace and Amy Tucker

Silver- Beth Herbers and Kelly McDonnell

Bronze- Norma Crowder and Shelley Nelson

Thank you again to everyone who played and look forward to seeing you at our next event on June 22nd-23rd.

Landon Hallam

Dinkville Founder/CEO

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