First Ever Member Ran Event!

First Ever Member Ran Event!
Picture of the week from Beth, Darolyn, Gwyn, and Lisa at Women's League!

Dinkville Member organizes a Tournament in Mount Juliet

Seth Stricker, a local Dinkville member, put on a fun 8 team Mixed Doubles Tournament at Charlie Daniels Park last Saturday!  Seth simply reached out to us with the idea and we put together the sign up form and shared it with the group!  Just like that we had 8 teams ready to go for the tourney!

If anyone else wants to do the same or has any ideas for their community, please reach out and we will provide every resource possible to make it happen!

Excellent job Seth and look forward to many more events in Mount Juliet!  See below some pictures from the Tournament!

Top 3 Teams from Mixed Doubles Tournament. 1st- Charlie and Wendy 2nd Greg and Darolyn 3rd Sonia and Duke

Never to Late for a First

Dinkville member Gary Raley introduced Pickleball to his 88 year old Father Gerald and 84 year old Mother Martha this week!  This is amazing and I love this so much!  Happy 66th Wedding Anniversary Gerald and Martha!

Gerald and Martha Raley on their 66th Wedding Anniversary!

East Nash Active in the Discord Chat

Dinkville members utilizing the Discord community channels to schedule games in their area!  Shout out to Nick Duke, Archer Davani, Chad Smith, Abigail Scott, Jenna Olivo, Wren Franklin, and Emily Potocnik for linking up for some Pickle!


Get to know our Member Stephanie Lane

Stephanie and Kyle Yates in 2015 after winning the 19+ 5.0 Mixed at Nationals!
Stephanie Lane action shot from where she won the Texas Open!

Who are you?  I am Stephanie Lane. Married to Andy Lane for 31 years with a 20 yr old daughter LeEllen who now can beat me in pickleball!

When did you start playing pickleball?  2011 but learned the game in my Lipscomb college PE classes back in 1988 but only thought it was a children’s game in the gym.

Why do you love pickleball?  I love pickleball for so many reasons! I love the ability to compete vs. the best in the nation in my skill & age. I love the community that surrounds pickleball as it’s like no other sport I have been a part of & I love the passion it brings out in who have become my favorite people!

What’s your favorite shot in Pickleball?  That’s an easy one…. the LOB! And when I can lob from a dink that was hit in the air, it’s extra fun & definitely gonna be a surprise for my opponents!

What’s your goals this year in pickleball?  My goal is simple: Enjoy my backyard court! I have waited 11 years for Nashville to build courts like we see all across the country & my wait is finally over!

What’s your advice to new players?  Learn a solid foundation in fundamentals & find a drill partner who is dedicated to drilling so improvement can come much quicker!

Pickleball News

Source PPA and The Dink
Source The Dink

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