Nashville Sounds Pickleball Grand Opening Nov 10th Free Admission, RSVP Today!

Nashville Sounds Pickleball Grand Opening Nov 10th Free Admission, RSVP Today!
Nashville Sounds Pickleball Grand Opening Night November 10th

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Dinkville has an App!! Crazy to see how far we have come in just over a year! The App provides access to book private courts like the Nashville Sounds Indoor Courts and connect with the local community across the Public Courts in the area. Very excited about this opportunity to take Dinkville to the next level!

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Sounds Pickleball Grand Opening and Courts Available To Book NOW!

Kick off Nashville Sounds Winter Pickleball season with a party Friday, November 10th from 6pm-9pm with music, food trucks, photo booths and, of course, pickleball. Please RSVP by Wednesday, November 8. RSVP HERE

You can also start reserving courts NOW with first available date being Saturday November 11th! Reserve Courts HERE

Nashville Predators Pickleball Night Nov. 26th

Nashville Predators are continuing the excitement and momentum from the start of the season with Pickleball Night on November 26th. Buy a special Pickleball Ticket Pack to receive an exclusive Preds Paddle Cover along with your ticket to the game! Click HERE to Buy Your Ticket Pack!

46 New Players Attended Tuesday's Beginners Clinic at Lipscomb Racquet Club

Tuesday was a beautiful night for Dinkville's Beginners Clinic at Lipscomb Racquet Club. There were a total of 46 new players who showed up and enjoyed learning the wonderful game of Pickleball. I want to thank Jamie Aid with Lipscomb Racquet Club for the courts and our incredible volunteer Dinkville Instructors Chris Taylor, Kevin Mulder, Michelle Casady, Jason Tilley, Seth Stricker, Mike Boey, and Lorena Duknic!

Elevate your game with a Dinkville Instructor

Looking to take your game to the next level? Reach out to our Dinkville Preferred Instructors who would love to work with you! Use Key Word: DinkvilleDiscount to get a special rate! Click here to see our instructors

Get To Know Dinkville Member JD Harmon

Who are you? JD Harmon, I am a retired media executive, living in Dickson.

When did you start playing? Sept 20th of 2022

How did you hear about Dinkville? Facebook

Why do you love Pickleball? Great exercise, sharpens your senses, meet interesting people

What is your favorite shot? All of the, but 3rd shot drop

What are your goals for this year? To get better and play more competitive

What is your advice for new players? Don’t take it so serious.

Up Your Game Sponsored By Selkirk

Court Position Visualization

For those of us who are visual learners, Coach Mark Price created a series of graphics to visualize optimal court coverage.

You’ve heard it a million times: “Partners should move like they’re connected with a string.” Well, here you can see why that is important.

  • When the ball is in zone one, you (player 1) are responsible for protecting your sideline. Your partner (player 2) slides over to protect the middle of the court.
  • When the ball is in zone two, you and your partner return to a more neutral position, evenly spaced to equally guard against attacks down the middle or dinks out wide.
  • When the ball is in zone three, you and your partner are in the opposite arrangement from zone one. Now, they’re in charge of the sideline and it’s up to you to protect the middle.

These visuals are great for seeing the perspective from both sides of the court.

The white cones are the viable angles for an attack. The red portions represent low-percentage attack zones or angles where a slower dink would need to be played.

  • The white portions are the parts of the court that need to be protected.
  • The red areas are less of a concern.

Check out Mark on Instagram for more helpful tips.

Today In Pickleball

Make Way for Mr. Carter

Lil Wayne has joined the Texas Ranchers ownership group. I repeat: Lil Wayne.

This may be one of the most powerhouse pop culture additions to a Major League Pickleball ownership group yet. But it isn't just another celebrity investment.

Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. will act as a creative advisor to help run creative direction for the Ranchers by designing multiple sets of merchandise.

He'll also support after school programs, working with business partners who have agreed to donate pickleball equipment to underserved communities.

If you’ve been asking, you’ve been searching, you’ve been wondering why the rap star would decide to invest so much in MLP…well, apparently, he already liked pickleball.

"Lil Wayne is a culture creator. When we learned he loved pickleball, we jumped on the opportunity to bring him into the ownership group.

“We hope to continue to inspire young kids to take up this sport in communities around the world."

Evan Floersch, CEO & Founder of Texas Ranchers

As if that wasn’t enough, the Ranchers also announced several more investors, including singer-songwriter and rapper The Kid LAROI & sports commentator and former NFL athlete Emmanuel Acho (see the full list here).

Earlier this year, the team announced another diverse array of investors from across industries, including 1 ranked golfer in the world Scottie Scheffler; Award-winning country music star Zach Bryan; Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsonsand more.

The Lone Palm Club $50K Showcase

There are plenty of ways to celebrate the opening of a pickleball facility, but Lone Palm Country Club may have set the bar at an all-time high. The Lakeland facility just finished a $16m renovation that added 13 pickleball courts and a bar to their existing golf and tennis amenities.

To celebrate? A pro-pickleball exhibition tournament, boasting an absurd $50K prize pool and some of the top pickleball talent in the world. The one-day event consisted of two draws: men's doubles and women's doubles.

MLP Champs Anna Bright and Rachel Rohrabacher faced off against Hurricane Tyra Black and Lea Jansen in the women's semifinal. It was a three-game slugfest that ended 11-7, 9-11, 11-1 in favor of the ladies of the Orlando Squeeze.

Bright and Rohrabacher rolled into finals and directly through Megan Fudge and Susannah Barr to bring home the women's title.

The men's draw was packed with talent, too. It featured another star-studded matchup in the semifinal: JW Johnson and Dylan Frazier vs Federico Staksrud and Pablo Tellez. Johnson and Frazier outlasted and outdinked Staksrud and Tellez to reach the finals.

Their finals opponent was the six-time APP Tour Champion team of Rob Nunnery and Andrei Daescu.

Daescu and Nunnery have cleaned up on the APP Tour this year. But the question remained: where would they rank in a PPA Tour draw?

  • On the It Feels Right podcast, Nunnery suggested the duo is a top 5 team. Their run yesterday helped make the case.
  • Daescu and Nunnery went three games with Johnson and Frazier and were inches away from the title. They had a 10-6 lead in game three and all of the momentum in the world.
  • Nerves got a little tight with the game on the line and the Young Guns rallied back. Johnson and Frazier stole the match right from the mitts of Daescu and Nunnery with a thrilling 11-7, 7-11, 13-11 finish.

Catch a replay of the entire event here.

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