Dinkville DUPR Fall Flex League Final Standings

Dinkville DUPR Fall Flex League Final Standings

Thank you to all the members who played in Dinkville's Fall DUPR Flex League. I know it can get difficult coordinating matches with your opponents so I appreciate everyone getting their games in.

See below final standings from Nashville and Hendersonville-Gallatin for Dinkville Fall DUPR Flex Leagues.

Final Standings are for the brackets that were able to complete all their games

Fall Flex League Final Standings

Hendersonville-Gallatin Men's Doubles

Hendersonville-Gallatin Women's Doubles

Nashville Men's Doubles

Nashville Mixed Doubles 3.0

Nashville Mixed Doubles 4.0+

Thank you to everyone who played in the Fall Flex Leagues! Stay close to Dinkville as we will have more announcements coming soon!

I Appreciate all of you!

Landon Hallam

Dinkville President

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