Super Dink: Glow in the Dark Pickleball Tournament Bracket Results!

Super Dink: Glow in the Dark Pickleball Tournament Bracket Results!

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Dear Dinkville Community,

What a Saturday it was at the Super Dink: Glow in the Dark Pickleball Tournament! The courts were buzzing with black lights, fantastic plays, and an unbeatable atmosphere of good vibes.

A massive thank you to everyone who joined us for this unforgettable event. Your enthusiasm and sportsmanship made it a night to remember. We're already looking forward to hosting more exciting events in the future.

A special shout-out goes to our generous sponsor, Miracle Automotive, whose support made this tournament possible. Your commitment to the community is truly appreciated.

We also extend our heartfelt gratitude to our friends at C2 Pickleball for allowing us to organize this unique and special event. Teamwork makes the dream work, and together, we hit a winner!

See below some pictures from the event! If you have pictures you'd like to share, please reply to this email!

Find a Wallet In Your Bag?

Michael Cripps accidently placed his wallet in the wrong bag and has lost it. Can you please check your bag for a wallet and contact Michael directly if you have it 615-723-3053!

Super Dink: Glow in the Dark Tournament Bracket Results

Men's Doubles 2.76-3.50 Medalist

Gold- JP Postlewait and Frank Webb

Silver- Paul Miller and Zach Frey

Bronze- Matthew Condo and Jimmy Ganno

Men's Doubles 3.51-3.99 Medalist

Gold- Chad Richards and Chad Bisher

Silver- Braden Funk and Seth Funk

Bronze- Zach Kent and Lane Mckee

Men's Doubles 4.0+ Medalist

Gold- Cullum Miller and Tim Caher

Silver- Skylar Polston and David Haynes

Bronze- Tyler Richmond and Jason Tilley

Mixed Doubles 2.0-2.75 Medalist

Gold- Jimmy Ganno and Mystikal Ganno

Silver- Regan Cothron and Greg Cothron

Bronze- Daniel Henderson and Karissa Henderson

Mixed Doubles 2.76-3.50 Medalist

Gold- Tim Caher and Jen Cahill

Silver- Zach Gibson and Maddie Perry

Bronze- Tom Hunley and Beth Gafford

Mixed Doubles 3.51-3.99 Medalist

Gold- Cullum Miller and Mariela Guevara

Silver- Erik Wasson and Sara Whittemore

Bronze- Jordan Smith and Kassie Smith

Women's Doubles 2.0-2.75 Medalist

Gold- Megan York and Hilarie Zimbicki

Silver- Amy Erwin and Kim Gregory

Bronze- Britton Watson and Steph Butler

Women's Doubles 2.76-3.50 Medalist

Gold- Grace Baird and Brooke Koblitz

Silver- Mandy Mendenhall and Mo Wong

Bronze- Amber White and Joann Berry

Women's Doubles 3.51-3.99 Medalist

Gold- Crissy McDaniel and Mariela Guevara

Silver- Eucaris Carlino and Kate Carter

Bronze- Melissa Perry and Dawn Grieco

Stay tuned for more pickleball fun in the days to come. Until then, keep that paddle swinging and those good vibes flowing.

Thank you,

Landon Hallam

Dinkville Founder/CEO

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