Turn off the Lights and Turn Up the Glow!

Turn off the Lights and Turn Up the Glow!
Picture of the Week from Dinkville's Super Dink: Glow in the Dark Tournament

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Dear Dinkville Members,

We're thrilled to share a quick recap of the fantastic Super Dink: Glow-in-the-Dark Pickleball event that took place on Saturday, February 3rd at C2 Pickleball!

The event was a huge success, with an impressive turnout of over 300 enthusiastic participants/spectators . The atmosphere was electric, filled with the vibrant glow of black lights illuminating the court and creating a memorable experience for everyone involved.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you who came out to make this event a success. Your enthusiasm and energy added to the overall enjoyment of the event.

Looking ahead, we are excited about putting on more events in the future and creating more opportunities for our Dinkville community to come together for fun and camaraderie.

See below some pictures and videos from the event!

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Photo by Alexander Shatov / Unsplash

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Today In Pickleball Brought To You By The Dink

The Open Stance Serve

More and more pros are adopting the open stance serve. The serve differs from the traditional closed stance serve that you’re probably used to seeing.

  • In the closed stance serve, the server’s feet are staggered. The non-paddle side foot is in front and the server steps forward as the serve is executed
  • In the open stance serve, the server’s feet are squared up to the court, each about the same distance from the baseline. Because the feet are square there is no need to step forward

The server cuts down the serving motion by pre-loading the hip turn. They basically skip the step and start with their hips already turned forward.

Collin Johns was on the call at the Desert Ridge Open and said that he and his brother Ben have both made the switch from closed to open.

For the Johns bros, it made sense because of the new service rule in play at PPA pro events. “Because of the new rule, you have to strike the ball relatively quickly.”

The new rule requires the ball to be dropped from hip height. This does not leave much time for the swing to take place. In order to hit the ball at the highest point possible contact should occur quickly after the ball is released.

A big question that accompanies this serve is: are you still able to generate power without stepping into the serve? “The power still comes from using the large muscles,” Johns says, “You have to be a little bit more disciplined” about loading the hips and shoulders.

The open stance could also be utilized for players who struggle with accuracy. The open stance limits the overall serve motion.

There is no step and your body is already facing the target. With those variables limited, you should see more consistent results on where your serve is landing. It’s also a convenient solution for any new server battling the yips.

Tennis Stars Battle at the Hard Rock

Photo Credit: Allmeid for Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Hollywood

South Florida offered all the pickleball one could handle this past weekend with Pickleball Slam 2.

Andre Agassi, his wife Steffi GrafJohn McEnroe and Maria Sharapova put on a show Sunday evening in front of a packed house at Hard Rock Live at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Fla.

Team Agassi and Graf emerged victorious, taking home the biggest single event prize in pickleball history of $1 million. Agassi/Graf defeated McEnroe/Sharapova (11-7, 13-11).

Also participating in Slam 2 as players/coaches were tennis professionals who have made the transition to pickleball:

  • Jack Sock
  • James Blake (co-owner, Major League Pickleball’s Milwaukee Mashers)
  • Sock was part of Team Agassi/Graf while Blake joined Team McEnroe/Sharapova

McEnroe was in top form, bringing his priceless antics and shotmaking to the event.

A handful of foot faults early in the competition brought out the best from the tennis legend, who playfully sparred with the referee throughout the night about her "rulings."

With these names competing at the highest level of the sport and for ESPN to provide a Sunday night LIVE primetime window for the competition, the future looks very bright for the growth and popularity of pickleball.

Pickleball Steals the Top Spot

Dinkville Member James Ignatowich's, superhuman ATP defied physics and earned himself the #1 spot. Ignatowich, unfortunately, had to settle for silver on the court as the ALW triple crown count grew again in AZ.

  • Anna Leigh Waters and Ben Johns topped Ignatowich and Anna Bright in the mixed doubles final
  • ALW defeated Mary Brascia in women's singles 11-2, 11-1
  • Waters and Catherine Parenteau moved to 60-0 in women’s doubles

This triple crown didn't come with the same untouchable vibe were used to seeing. Johns/Waters faced match point against Etta Wright/Pablo Tellez in the mixed doubles quarterfinals. In women's doubles Waters/Parenteau were down 9-3 in game 3 against the Kawamotos before rallying back for the win.

Could the gap for these divisions be tightening for the top seeds like it has in men's singles? The No. 1 men's player Ben Johns was upset again to start the year.

This time it was Jaume Martinez Vich, who bested Johns in three games on his way to the finals. Vich and Federico Staksrud put on an all-time athletic performance in the singles finals that went Staks’ way in three games.

The PPA Tour will set up shop in AZ for the rest of the month. The Arizona Cup in Mesa, AZ kicks off in two weeks. Read a full recap and takeaways from Desert Ridge here.

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