Dinkville App is HERE

Dinkville App is HERE
Picture of the Week: Dinkville App is available now in the App Store download today!

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Dinkville Members Bring Home Bronze From Utah's Huntsman's Games

Ross Caroland and Rich Muth competed in the Huntsman's Games in St George, Utah and recieved the Bronze Medal in the 65-69 4.0+ Bracket. There were over 1200 total players across multiple brackets in the tournament so definitely a HUGE accomplishment for Ross and Rich! Congratulations guys!

Download the Dinkville App Today!

Dinkville has an App!! Crazy to see how far we have come in just over a year! The App provides access to book private pickleball courts across Middle Tennessee and connect with the local community across the Public Courts in the area. Very excited about this opportunity to take Dinkville to the next level!

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Nashville Sounds Pickleball Grand Opening November 10th 6pm-9pm

Come on out for a fun night of Pickleball, Music, Food Trucks, and more on Friday November 10th from 6pm-9pm. The Event is Free So RSVP Here

Get To Know Dinkville Member Lexa Friend

Who are you? I am an outdoor enthusiast who uses any opportunity to enjoy gardening, hiking, kayaking, tennis and pickleball.

When did you start playing? I started playing a year and half ago

How did you hear about Dinkville? I attended an open house at C2 Pickleball in Hendersonville, TN

Why do you love Pickleball? I’ve played tennis all my life and found it an easy transition to play pickleball. I love the social aspect of it and the fun competition.

What's your favorite shot? Slice!

What's your goals this year? I want to play as much as possible with a group of pickleball lovers and make new friends.

Advice to new players? Enjoy the sport as much as possible!

Up Your Game

On the Decline

What's the most important shot in pickle? Everyone say it with me... "The third shot drop."

Without it, it's unlikely you'll be able to close the gap between you and the kitchen line. Each point will be played at a positional disadvantage.

Instead of spiraling down that doomsday scenario, let's simplify the shot.

  • Don't try to hit the perfect drop, just make sure the ball is descending as it crosses the net.
  • I’ll say it again. On your drop, make sure the ball is on the way down before it reaches the net.

This forces your opponent to decide if they want to hit out of the air or off of the bounce. It doesn't guarantee a perfect drop but gets you headed in the right direction.

Your goal shouldn't be to hit one drop and sprint up to the line. Just land one in the kitchen and gain some ground.

Get consistent with the basics and the points will add up in your favor.

Today In Pickleball

Apple: Pickleball is Most Popular Racket Sport

We can already count enough people to prove pickleball participation is outpacing tennis. Now, we can count calories to prove it, too...Calories burned.

If you have an Apple Watch, you may be familiar with the pickleball tracking feature. They have settings to track almost any physical activity you could think of – including pickleball workouts.

To understand the extent of pickleball's growth, Apple meticulously analyzed data from 250,000 individual, anonymous workouts and invited The Dink to attend their presentation of the results.

Some highlights of their study:

  • As of July 2023, pickleball participation outpaced tennis, making it the most popular racquet sport among Apple Watch users.

  • While tennis workouts saw higher heart rate peaks, pickleball workouts were slightly longer than tennis workouts on average — 90 minutes versus 81 minutes, respectively.

  • Unlike tennis, which often experiences significant seasonal fluctuations in participation, pickleball participation showcased remarkable consistency nationwide throughout the year.

  • Utah emerged as the state with the highest level of activity in pickleball workouts, followed by California at number 2.

An Undefeated Start to Season 2

Last night the Peoria Pythons moved to 2-0 with an impressive win over the Suprise Stingers. Led by the electric play of Michael Loyd, the Pythons captured set 1 in a set breaker then swept set 2 11-4, 11-2.

You can catch a replay of the action and some of the best production and entertainment value in the game here. Get a taste of what the Surprise Stingers were up against in points like this.

Let’s Eat Pickle Cake

It’s Great British Bake Off season, that time of year when UK baking enthusiasts show off their prowess in alarmingly-polite fashion.

While the reality show ditched culturally-themed weeks this year, we think they could easily replace at least one of them with a “Pickleball Week.”

Is that too specific a crossover? We don’t think so. Consider:

A recent post in the Pickleball Forum Facebook group showcases some impressive pickleball designs made entirely out of cake.

Each of these are very different approaches to portraying pickleball in the cake medium. But one detail we’re particularly fond of is the true-to-life texture of the paddle grip in the upper right.

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