What A Year For Dinkville

What A Year For Dinkville
Picture taken from Dinkville's Wishful Dinking Pro-Celebrity Event at Belmont University

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Dinkville Anniversary Tournament Recap

Fun weekend of Pickleball in Gallatin/Hendersonville for Dinkville's 1st Anniversary Tournament.  We had over 108 teams competing from ages 12 to 80 and skill levels from beginners to advanced.  Such a fun event and we are so thankful for our friends at C2 Pickleball for allowing us to play our Saturday brackets indoors due to weather.  Thank you to everyone who came out to play and look forward to seeing you at our next tournament coming this Fall!

Free Beginners Clinic Wednesday July 26th

Come on out Wednesday July 26th at Municipal Park in Gallatin, TN for a Free Beginners Clinic.  We will have multiple Dinkville Preferred Instructors that will be there to help teach the basics and get you started.  Invite your friends and family to sign up and come learn the wonderful game of Pickleball!  Sign Up Here

1st Year of Dinkville is in the Books

Look at how far we have come in just 1 Year!!  From starting with local meet ups in Nashville to hosting Pro-Celebrity events on a rooftop!  Dinkville has had an incredible year and that is all because of YOU!  Dinkville is the best Pickleball Community in the Nation because of our welcoming culture from all of our members.  THANK YOU to all of you and lets make year 2 even better!  See below some photos recapping our first year.

Up Your Game Brought To You By The Dink

Go Ahead, Throw Your Paddle

It's alright, we won't tell on you…Okay, don't actually throw your paddle. But you need to have that motion down for this tip.

The most powerful overheads and put-aways come from a throwing motion. It takes a loose arm and a lot of whip.

The key is to create a lag in motion with your paddle.

  • Your shoulder and elbow rotate forward first and your paddle should trail behind.
  • Your paddle will accelerate toward the ball faster because of the muscle tension created in the lag.
  • Right before contact, snap your wrist forward like you're throwing a baseball.

It should feel like you're throwing your paddle at the ball. Or better yet, through the ball.

This acceleration of the paddle is what sends the ball rocketing off pros’ paddles and turns your put-away attempts into put-away winners.

Do yourself a favor and try crushing a few overheads with this throwing motion in mind. Just have your drill partner wear a helmet in case your palm gets too sweaty.

Today In Pickleball Brought To You By The Dink

Drake & Michael B. Jordan Buy-In

When it rains pickleball news, it pours pickleball news.

Let’s start with MLP’s Brooklyn Aces (which recently drafted Catherine Parenteau, Andrea Koop, Hayden Patriquin, and Tyler Loong).

The team courted some recognizable new investors: Grammy-award winning artist Drake, and actor/entrepreneur Michael B. Jordan, known for the Black Panther and Creed films.

Jordan is no stranger to sports investing. He's a co-investor in the Alpine F1 Team and A.F.C Bournemouth football club.

But to have Drake involved, too? We’re calling it: "Last Name 'Ever'," "0-100," or "Nice for What" will become the Brooklyn Aces’ official theme song. Bet.

These high-profile names aren’t the only ones on the team’s new investment roster. See the full list here.

Meanwhile: APP Will Broadcast in China

Add this to the list of pickleball “firsts” – a pro league’s event will air in Mainland China.

In case you weren’t aware, China is the world’s largest media market, meaning the matches could be seen by millions of people. The nation is also starting to really come around on pickleball.

Through an extension of its distribution agreement with ESPN in the United States, APP will air a post-tournament recap special from the 2023 Philadelphia Open (August 23-27).

A full list of broadcast dates will be released later.

Johnson and Garnett Win Beer City Gold

The taps are open and the pickleball is flowing at the Beer City Open in Grand Rapids. Jorja Johnson is your women's singles champion but still too young to indulge in the craft beer spoils.

Johnson won gold in a nail-biter against Hurricane Tyra Black 9-11, 11-9, 12-10. Hurricane looks more proficient every time she hits the court and had a strong singles showing here at the BCO.

The Western Michigan crowd got a good look at two men's players that have shot up the ranks in 2023. Connor Garnett defeated Dylan Frazier in the semifinals and went on to win gold.

In the finals, Garnett defeated Jaume Martinez Vich, who upset Jay Devilliers in the semis.

Viewers this weekend will see an interesting mix of PPA pros merged with those featured on the APP tour; notably, Andrei Daescu, who has dominated the APP this year.

Jade and Jackie Kawamoto will be in action in both mixed and women's doubles. Look for them on the podium come Sunday.

If you're in the area, stop by Belknap Park to catch the event live or stream it from home with your favorite IPA on PPATV.

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