Beginners Clinic Teaches 17 New Players Under The Lights

Beginners Clinic Teaches 17 New Players Under The Lights
Picture of the week- Free Beginners Clinic at Municipal Park in Gallatin, TN

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Dinkville Captains Lead Beginners Clinic

What makes Dinkville so special is the wonderful community of Members that are apart of the best Pickleball Community in the Nation!  Dinkville is now over 2100 members is Middle Tennessee so we have 40-50 Captains that help run their local community to make sure everyone feels welcome and brings organization around Pickleball.  Dinkville Captains Larry Morgan, Joey and Jenn Kinsler, Tyler and Lindsey Richmond, and Nick Albert organized the beginners clinic in Gallatin, TN which brought 17 new players to Pickleball.  So thankful for our Captains and if you are interested in being a Captain, sign up here

More Than Just A Game

Pickleball is a wonderful game that is for everyone but more importantly it brings people together.  This is a Ladies group in Hendersonville/Gallatin area that connect regularly to play and enjoy each others company.  Love this so much as this is what the Dinkville Community is all about!

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Get To Know Dinkville Member Nick Albert

Who are you? My Faith, my Family, and my Friends mean everything to me. I am newish to Middle Tennessee having moved here last August from outside of Denver, Co. If you would have asked me last year if I saw myself having the life that I have now, I probably would have laughed. I am beyond blessed and am so thankful everyday where I am! I work from home, so it was really important for me to get involved, my Church and Pickleball have kept me plenty busy and I couldn't be happier!

When did you start playing?  May 2023, yet it feels like I have been playing for so much longer!

How did you get started?  Landon and I are in a Life.Group together, and he finally got me out to play Pickleball at the Beginners Clinic in May

Why do you love Pickleball?  At first it was just something physical I could do, but then I fell in love with the people and the community. I loved playing tennis in High School and after, but it was so hard to find people to play with, now I look at it and think that is way too much running, which is how I feel about PB Singles!! But Pickleball is something that is easier physically, but so much fun to play! I had no idea really what Pickleball was, but all it took was one beginners clinic and I was BIT! That was it for me. It doesn't matter if I play with people who have never played before or with people who are beyond good, it's still fun regardless. I can still take something from the game and work on it. It doesn't matter that I haven't been able to feel my body since I started, I still want to get out and play every day!

What is your favorite shot?  My inside out backhand at the Kitchen!

What are your goals this year?  To continue to get healthier and to continue to grow! I want to find more tournaments, be more competitive, and have fun!

What is your advice to new players?  Repetition, repetition, repetition!! The only way to grow you game is to keep doing it over and over again. Don't be discouraged when you play someone who is better than you, see how they play and tray and take something from their game to improve your own. Whether you've been playing for weeks, or have been playing for years, there is always something you can learn from someone else. Don't be afraid to ask for tips or how they do something. That's what I love most about Dinkville, everyone is so willing to explain and help people. Yes we want to win, but it's more than that. This community is everything Pickleball should be!

Up Your Game Brought To You By The Dink

Head on a Swivel

There are plenty of ways to embarrass yourself on the pickleball court. Fall into the kitchen after a volley, whiff on the ball you had every intention of hitting…

Well, there is another threat to look out for on the courts: The Nasty Nelson.

For those who don't know, a Nasty Nelson is a serve that is hit into the body of the opposing team. The server intentionally aims at the player that is not returning the serve and is positioned at the kitchen line.

If they are successful, the server wins the point in an albeit unsavory (you could even say nasty) way. Most pickleball players have a decent sense of humor and can laugh at this quirk of the game.

That makes it fun to break out when playing against friends and family. Just look for a time when the opposing player is distracted.

A prime example happened last weekend at the Beer City Open where Zane Navratil connected on a match-winning Nasty Nelson.

Keep your head on a swivel when you're on the courts. This is not the way you want to lose a match. Don't get so caught up in your own strategy that you forget to watch the server.

Feel free to break this out at your friends gathering on Friday night just remember that the tables can turn and to always keep an eye out for the Nasty Nelson headed your way.

Today In Pickleball Brought To You By The Dink

Pickleball on Reality TV

In order for something to be truly American, it has to feature on reality TV. That’s just the rule.

Consider pickleball well and truly American.

First up: LA Fire & Rescue, from the same producer who brought you Law & Order SVU, follows the day-to-day emergencies and personal stories of the firefighters, paramedics, and lifeguards of the LA County Fire Department.

On tonight’s episode:

  • Inglewood Station 172 tackles a career-defining fire in a warehouse
  • Calabasas Station 125 responds to a multi-car collision
  • Station 16 – the “quirky” but sought-after station – plays pickleball to unwind and build teamwork

Catch it tonight on NBC.

Next: the owner of an indoor pickleball facility in Chandler, Arizona is in the process of creating his own reality TV series through his newest venture, Pickleball Kingdom Productions.

According to KTAR news:

  • He’s currently searching for 8 male and 8 female contestants for a reality competition show
  • The show will be called Pickleball Paddle Battle
  • Winners receive a yearlong sponsorship to play pickleball professionally

“Viewers can expect awe-inspiring displays of athleticism, gripping rivalries, and emotional triumphs, all set against the backdrop of the pickleball craze that has swept throughout the world,” the owner says in a statement.

The series is apparently being courted by several networks and streaming services. Applications for contestants remain open through mid-August.

PNW Homecoming

Washington State is the birthplace of pickleball. Last year, pickleball became Washington's official state sport. This year, Washington will host the PPA Tour in the first-ever Seattle Open.

Excitement for the event is on the rise. Multiple broadcast networks will share a piece of the event including ESPN and CBS. Keep your remote handy because here is the broadcast schedule.

Seattle native Riley Newman rejoins the tour and will debut a new partnership with Julian Arnold. He hopes to break a streak of silvers and finally reclaim gold on the men's podium.

Ben Johns will have his hands full in a singles draw that includes JW Johnson, Federico Staksrud, and Connor Garnett.

The women’s doubles field is full of new contenders, but no one has been able to keep up with Anna Leigh Waters and Anna Bright in 2023.

Be on the lookout for these new duos:

  • Lucy Kovalova & Jorja Johnson
  • Lea Jansen & Lacy Schneemann
  • Jackie Kawamoto & Vivienne David
  • Jade Kawamoto & Jessie Irvine

Tune in tomorrow for pro singles starting at 1:00 pm ET on PPA TV.

Who SHOULD Play Pickleball?

With the recent news surrounding even more celebrity investment in pickleball, we can’t help but wonder who’s next…and who really should get into it but hasn’t yet.

It feels like certain celebrities are just destined to play. My personal choice would be Nicholas Cage. He’s twitchy. I think it translates.

We thought we’d turn this inner dialog over to our readers:

First up: Who really should play pickleball but doesn't, to the best of your knowledge?

And, similarly: Which non-athlete celebrity would have the best chance of going pro if they took up pickleball?

Answer the questions via this poll.

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