Free Beginners Clinics Coming To Nashville To Teach Hundreds Of Players Pickleball

Free Beginners Clinics Coming To Nashville To Teach Hundreds Of Players Pickleball

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Pickleball and Soccer Collab For A Special Event at Nashville Fairgrounds

Futbar Summer Fest was going on at the Nashville Fairgrounds on Saturday July 29th and there was just enough space to have some Pickleball.  Rachel Masterson, Founder of Futbar, organzied a wonderful event for her Soccer Community that had multiple games, food trucks, and music to make it a fun environment for everyone!  Check out what Futbar is all about here.

Free Beginners Clinic at Lipscomb Racquet Club On Tuesday August 8th at 7pm-8pm

Want to learn Pickleball?  Come on out to Lipscomb Racquet Club for a Free Dinkville Beginners Clinic from 7pm-8pm.  We will have multiple Dinkville Instructors teaching the basics and strategy to help get you started.  This is the first of many Beginners Clinics we will have so make sure you are sharing with your friends and family to sign up!  Sign up here

Get To Know Dinkville Members Joey and Jenn Kinsler

Who Are You? Joey and Jenn Kinsler.  We live in Hendersonville.   We have 4 children and they are all Grown and Flown.  We are empty nesters that enjoy traveling, playing pickleball, and  hanging out with family and friends.   Joey is a sales rep for Wurth Wood Group in Nashville and Jennifer owns Dolphin Cove Swim School.

When Did You Start Playing Pickleball?  We started playing pickleball in January of 2023 after attending one of our sons pickleball tournaments in Carbondale, ILL.   We loved the community, especially the fact that it brought all age groups together.  Our son’s doubles partner was 83 and they hung out like they were best friends.  We started as soon as we returned home and have been addicted since.  We have made so many new friends and have fallen in love with our pickleball community.

How did you get started with Dinkville?  We happened to be at Municipal Park while Dinkville was hosting a ladder play.   Landon graciously let us join in and we had so much fun playing and meeting everyone.  Dinkville is a great way to get connected with the pickleball  community.

What is your favorite shot?  Our favorite shot is probably the 3rd shot drop.   We have a love hate relationship with this shot LOL, but we get excited when we can achieve it.

What are your goals this year?  Our goals this year is to meet new people and play a lot of pickleball.

What is your advice for new players?  Our advice to new players is attend a beginners clininc and drill, drill, drill.   Have fun and remember that everyone has problems remembering the score hahaha.

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Up Your Game Brought To You By The Dink

Topspin Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Here’s a drill you’ve never seen before. It’s rather unconventional and will undoubtedly confuse your court mates.

Zane Navratil has a completely new way to learn how to flick the ball and generate massive topspin.

The drill involves hitting the ball down into the ground and bouncing it over the net like a table tennis serve. Like I said, rather unconventional.

  • Instead of pounding the ball straight down into the ground, the goal is to brush the top of the ball so it has forward spin.
  • The ball will bounce off the ground and leap over the net because of the spin.
  • Your partner can then dink the ball back to you to repeat the action.

This drill will help maximize the spin you’re able to generate. It will build your muscle memory for executing this advanced stroke.

Reply to this email and let us know if you’re going to try out this drill.

Today In Pickleball Brought To You By The Dink

Pickleball Sells Out?

“Has pickleball sold out?” – asks a recent headline from The Guardian.

Calm down, Holden Caulfield. The presence of money and phonies doesn’t always make something reek of it. And the average player isn’t necessarily in it for the cash.

But let’s consider the article’s main points:

  • With millions in player prize money, celebrity investment, and companies popping up left and right…what would co-inventor Joel Pritchard think?
  • Frank Pritchard, son of Joel, says he thinks his father “would be disappointed to think it had become this huge commercial venture.”
  • “When there’s money to be made, there’s potential for that kind of stuff, and for bad behavior and trouble.” – F. Pritchard

The main problem with a story like this is that it’s so general.

How could anybody argue against a truism like, “Where there’s money, there’s room for corruption?” How could we disagree with the general notion that “we should really love pickleball for pickleball, not how much money it can make us”?

But this story doesn’t seem to offer a solution, or even much of a takeaway other than its initial premise. It poses a very general problem, sources people like Joel Pritchard’s son to agree with the premise, then leaves us with crickets…

…Except for the last line, a quote from a random 23-year-old player, who says, “I think it’s good what is happening. It should be in the Olympics…If other sports can have professional leagues, why not pickleball?”

DUPR’s Refresh

DUPR (Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating) just dropped a new version of its app.

Here are the highlights:

  • Group messaging: community building via a collaborative environment within the app
  • Tracking rating changes: provide perspective on user’s progress and performance trends over time
  • Match impact visibility: identify the impact that each match has on your rating
  • Completely refreshed UI: rebuilt with "a modern user experience in mind," DUPR says

The DUPR mobile app is now available to download on iOS and Android.

APP Sets Sights on The Globe

The APP Tour is serious about global expansion.

The Association of Pickleball Players announces a new international partnership with India's Global Sports.

The league is now the promoting partner of the 2023 Monsoon Pickleball Championship, held August 24-27 in Mumbai, India.

Earlier this year, APP announced partnerships with Pickleball England and Pickleball Sweden to host tournaments in Europe.

Less than two weeks ago, they announced an upcoming event will air in mainland China.

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